Academy of Fashion

For more than forty years Iuad - Academy of Fashion operates in the field of training in the disciplines of fashion and design.

The teachers of the Academy of Fashion are all professionals, with several years of experience in training, but above all business.

For Arkeda 2019 will be attended by teachers and students of the three-year course in Design and Interior Architecture. The course of study aims to provide students with the skills necessary to develop an interior design project in its various phases: from conception to meta-design and design, up to the control of the effective implementation of the project.

The basic skills acquired at the end of the course are:
- The needs analysis and user behavior, as well as social, cultural, psychological, ergonomic affecting the manner of use of space;
- The development of innovative design solutions, consistent with the different modes of use by users environments;
- The ability to grasp the relationship between the design of the interior spaces and the size of the services that are provided within these spaces, especially for specific types of internal (eg, spaces for culture, exhibition areas and events, spaces for the sale of goods and services, places for dining and entertainment).


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