I raised

I raised It is a company specializing in Emilian wood for outdoorIndustry, where operating for over twenty years.

We use different types of wood depending on the intended use, enriching them with design, service and manufacturing made in Italy that set us apart.

We offer facilities and furnishings for outdoor (private and contract) in classic and modern style, flooring and wood paneling for the outside, shelters and wooden bungalows, wooden above ground pools, products and wooden accessories the gardening.

Exclusively in our assortment you can find two types of innovative materials for the industry:

  • CoAn: Antique wooden available in three shades of Gray, Brown and White
  • Pino+: Conifer of northern European origin subjected to protective treatment and pigmentation with 15-year warranty.

Ad Arkeda we operate as a team with other companies in the sector, contributing a for outdoor paving consists of modular tiles teak with plastic base, which do not require further substrate and can therefore be installed in any context, from the lawn of the house to the beach sand.

Our experience, our property and our assortment make us the ideal partner for those who choose wood for your outdoor space.


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