Antonella Venezia


The theme of this year's edition of Arkeda is Knowing how to do. In this wake, the group of seven goldsmiths from Campania, who have been coordinating for some time, will try their hand at creating a single object that recalls the guidelines dictated by the use of non-polluting materials, not only, but also in the manufacturing process that must not , in any way, affect the environment. The seven jewels that will be exhibited will also carry a communicative and emotional matrix, as they can also symbolize the attempt at environmental recovery and whatever else may be in support of an eco-friendly production. The goldsmith designers who will exhibit their jewel are: Antonella Venezia, Alba Rosa Mancini, Carlo Olivari, Gustavo Renna, Linda Gambero, Stefania Caramanna and Sara Lubrano. Together, with their own characteristics and peculiarities, they represent the Campania goldsmith design of high-profile handcrafted and semi-handcrafted. Antonella Venice


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