The innovations of Bosch Thermotechnology to Arkeda

Bosch presents the complete range of systems for heating and production of sanitary hot water

Boilers and thermostats

The condensing Condens 7000i W boiler is suitable for those seeking beauty and innovation, thanks to the ability to combine high performance, energy efficiency and reduced consumption.

Equipped with a tempered glass mantle to unbreakable titanium with rounded corners it is available in two colors: black and white. High performance low consumption and reduced waste are the distinctive features of the new range that combines modern design and excellent True quality-price ratio. The small size (350x440x840 mm) and the great compactness make this boiler ideal for integrations in every

environment, even the smallest: suitable not only for new construction, but also for modernization projects.

W Condens 7000i and fully compatible with Bosch EasyControl Wifi thermostat geo last generation, manageable via a dedicated app.

New range of water heaters

In compliance with the directives Erp - Energy Related Products, Bosch is launching a new range of Water heaters open chamber and sealed chamber: Even more efficient and sustainable, renewed in performance and aesthetics. In addition to the possibility of coupling to the solar thermal system, the new range is distinguished by the innovative design and for low emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), definitely lower than the limits imposed by law.

To understand the full range of products and services Bosch Thermotechnology, we invite you to visit our stand. # 365 pavilion # 6.


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