Bulthaup to Arkeda 2019 | b Solitaire line and bulthaup b1
Bulthaup is pleased to announce participation in Arkeda2019 with b Solitaire line and the cooking systems bulthaup bulthaup b1 and b2.
For 70 years bulthaup creates living environments designed for people, places of communication in which man is at the center of each reflection.
The bulthaup b Solitaire are versatile pieces of furniture with which to personalize their living environments.
Bulthaup b1 is the kitchen minimalist mold, characterized by simple and essential lines and a clear and elegant structure.
Bulthaup b2 is the open and mobile kitchen, fitted depending on the individual needs, the rational evolution of the workstation, which redefines the kitchen-laboratory of craftsmen.


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