Bulthaup 2020

Bulthaup starts where machines can't go beyond

Bulthaup is famous all over the world for its interior architecture in the world of kitchens. Making use of professional and competent partners such as Bulthaup Naples - Spazio Materiae - the German company has always set itself the fundamental objective of offering its customers a unique environment, unparalleled from a qualitative point of view. The system Bulthaup b3, the suspended kitchen, opens the possibility to freedom of creation and revolves around the idea of ​​the multifunctional wall, a connecting element between the kitchen and the living area. Bulthaup b1 is the minimalist kitchen, characterized by sober and essential lines, while with Bulthaup b2 the company redefines the original kitchen-laboratory through a work station, flanked by a storage station and a station for appliances. The independent furnishing elements Bulthaup b Solitaire are reflected in the passion and values ​​that have characterized Bulthaup for decades and are the result of the symbiosis between traditional manufacturing and perfect design. Freely positioned and accessible at 360 degrees, they are created to make room for small and large ideas.


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