CARLISLE CM EUROPE, Multinational companies in the building materials industry, specializing in the production of EPDM and insulation of the highest quality and durability certified & GOSS Ltd., the exclusive company of the brand Carlisle CM Europe, in charge of the distribution and installation of Carlisle products in Italian territory, are:

RESITRIX: Product for waterproofing unique in the world, consisting of a EPDM layer and a polymerized bitumen, reinforced with glass fiber and adhesive. It is laid on each surface without the use of open flames. Thanks to its particular molecular structure is extremely durable over time, even in the most difficult conditions, for over 50 years.

HERTALAN: waterproofing sheath that associates the EPDM extraordinary characteristics at a phenomenal speed of installation thanks to prefabbricabilità in every shape and size. 100% recyclable, cold installation with adhesives or mechanical fastening, on any surface. Environmental impact. EPD Environmental Certificate and comply with the Minimum Criteria CAM.

RHINOBOND: mechanical fastening system for magnetic induction HERTALAN, No perforation of the membrane. Solderable down to -10 ° C. Unique system with a perfect wind load distribution over the entire surface.


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