How-to-choose-wallpaper-and-how-to-lay it

Wallpaper: how to choose it and how to lay it

Wallpaper can be a very original tool for covering the walls of the room. However, there are different types of paper on the market, each of which is characterized by different factors. That is why in this article we will try to provide a series of useful information that can be used when making a choice. Finally, we will also see how to lay the wallpaper.

How to choose wallpaper

A first element to pay attention to when choosing wallpaper is the dominant color in the environment. In these cases it is necessary to support the prevailing tone, while instead in the case in which the room is made up of neutral colors it can be useful locate an original card, such as those very shiny or with a fabric effect. In this regard, it is necessary to specify which are the different types of paper available. Here are some of them:

  • Nonwoven washable wallpaper: made of textile fibers such as silk or tone, this type of paper is very economical and resistant to both water and high temperatures. In addition to being very easy to apply and wash, it has the advantage of allowing the walls to breathe and preventing the formation of mold;
  • Vinyl wallpaper: made up of two layers of vinyl and TNT respectively, the vinyl wallpaper guarantees a long life, as well as being totally odorless. In addition, it is easily washable with water and neutral soap and can be applied and removed very easily. However, the main advantage of this type of paper is the aesthetic one: its application, in fact, allows it to provide a totally new face to the entire environment;
  • Carta da parati 3D: innovative and futuristic, this model, in addition to providing a totally new look to the environment, also makes it more spacious. The effect obtained from its application is truly original and allows you to enhance the entire apartment. Particularly effective are the models that offer optical effects, ideal for the most modern homes.
  • "Natural" wallpaper: this type of paper is certainly one of the most popular in recent years, also thanks to the growing attention to nature. It is an unprecedented but also very elegant solution.

When choosing the wallpaper, the quality of the material must also be taken into consideration, especially if it is to be applied in particular areas such as the bathroom. The last element to be evaluated concerns the reason, which can be of different types. In particular, on the market you can find both models with horizontal designs, which allow you to expand the spaces of the room, and those with vertical designs, which allow you to make the ceiling higher. In addition, there are also more original motifs, such as those in black and white, perfect for modern-style apartments, and jungle ones, to be combined especially with parquet environments.

How to lay wallpaper

Having ascertained the factors to be evaluated when choosing the wallpaper, we now need to understand how to lay it on the walls. This operation varies according to the type of paper and glue used. In general, a first step is to take the measurements, in order to understand how many rolls to get. After that, you have to proceed by carrying out the grouting of the wall, unless the wall is new. In the latter case, it may be useful to apply a further coat of glue. Precisely with regard to the glue, some factors must be carefully evaluated during the choice, such as the lack of toxic or polluting substances.

At this point, you can proceed with the application of the wallpaper. To get a more precise result, it can be useful to cut it into sheets and start the application from the edges. Then, you have to apply the glue on the paper and glue it with a plumb line, being careful not to create bubbles or irregularities. To do this, you need to get a roller as well. Finally, the strips must be placed next to each other, making sure to match the patterns.

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