PRESS FOR Colorker ARKEDA 2018

And 'commitment supported by the passion that makes us express our creative spirit.

Colorker did its commitment to quality, technological innovation, for the attention to trends in style, attention to detail and the search for new sources of inspiration, his mission. As well as the passion that has always inspired us allowed us to find constant inspiration to satisfy with our products work of architects, interior designers and decorators.

Sizes, textures, patterns and accessories are always planned and designed to allow our customers to create unique spaces, where imagination and creativity of each can express itself in all its potentialities.

Wood, marble, stones, cements are characterized by geometric and chromatic mix can suggest to the designer eye-catching environments in compliance with the latest trends.

ZYX Our collection represents a bold step forward to help technicians in search of different products in the industry to fully express their potential.

Arkeda 2018 is an opportunity to show them that our commitment and our passion for ceramics.


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