Covid emergency: Progecta forced to cancel all the exhibitions scheduled for November and December at the Mostra d’Oltremare

Naples, 27 October 2020 - "Having read the new provisions of the Government and the Campania Region regarding the Covid-19 emergency, Progecta is forced to cancel the appointments with Gustus, Pharmexpo and Arkeda that had been scheduled as every year at the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples between half November and the Immaculate Conception. Now we will count the damages and we will wait for the relief announced by Conte because it is quantifiable in several million euros ". Angioletto de Negri, director of the Neapolitan company specializing in the organization of exhibitions, fairs and events, thus announces the decision taken in the last few hours.

"Although the organizational machine was already in motion since the end of the first lockdown and the enthusiastic support of many companies in the agri-food and food sectors (Gustus), the pharmaceutical and health industry (Pharmexpo) and furniture, design and construction (Arkeda), the limitations and rules of conduct just announced would make it practically impossible for the events to run smoothly ”adds de Negri.

“In recent months - continues the owner of Progecta - we have worked hard with the staff of our company for which I had also given up the possibility of taking advantage of the layoffs in order to carry on the calendar of trade fairs. The communication campaign had also just started, we believed it ”.

With the cancellation of Gustus, Pharmexpo and Arkeda, an entire year of programming in Progecta's business is effectively canceled. In March, the twenty-fifth edition of the BMT - Mediterranean Tourism Exchange was canceled, while in June the appointments with Expo Franchising Naples and with the Home Fair which this year would have been branded for the first time by Progecta were canceled.

"A total damage of a few million euros also considering the induced activities between hotels, restaurants and services. It was not easy to make such a drastic decision and postpone everything to 2021, hoping to have overcome this terrible time. The optimism that must never be lacking and the awareness that in times of crisis the need to be reborn leads us to develop new strategies, helps us to project ourselves to next spring when Progecta will be back on track with BMT 2021 ".

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