Dsc Marmi


Napoli Show Overseas

Pad 6 Stand 640

Nov. 30 1/2 December 2018

DSC MARMI It presents edition 2018 ARKEDA - with Multimater: An exhibition of stone collection where creativity, innovation and cutting edge technology are the starting concept for an exhibition which aims to create a synergy perfect of natural stones e technical.

new form, new materiale, colors classical and nuance contemporary will be presented at an exhibition dedicated to architecture, design, construction and furnishing to propose new solutions to the inexhaustible source of inspiration for professionals and to meet the many demands of a market in constant evolution.

Solutions They are in opposition to the beauty, exclusivity and the 'uniqueness of natural stones noble as the Marble functionality, and excellent physical and mechanical properties of sintered stones. Turning in a tailoring taking care of the details, following the tradition of craftsmanship handed down for three generations, and advanced equipment is what distinguishes the activities of DSC MARMI.

DSC MARBLES ......... .. the stone takes shape


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