Fiemme Tremila 2021

Fiemme Tremila

Fiemme Tremila is a company that produces wooden floors, founded in Predazzo in 1993 with the aim of offering a unique, natural, healthy and absolutely healthy product. In one word: biocompatible.

Our floors are not treated with substances derived from petroleum, neither in the production phase nor in the installation phase. Through the exclusive Fiemme Tremila BioPlus treatment®: an oiling composed of oils, waxes, resins and minerals, we give back to the wood what trees produce to protect and nourish themselves.

This allows the wood to come back to life and emit the terpenes typical of trees, the scent we breathe in the woods, into the air at home. Furthermore, thanks to the great dimensional stability given by the three-layer structure, our wood is particularly suitable for floating laying. We guarantee beautiful and biocompatible floors for life, to live your daily wood every day.


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