NU: the head where minimalism and elegance come together in a delicate balance of forms and maximum performance Design Davide Vercelli / Division FIMA Aquacode

FIMA Carlo Frattini, Company's engineering competence and innovative strength in the faucet industry, Shower Program Expands with NOT, the showerhead by Davide Vercelli, which stands for the essence of his elegant, minimalist form: a rectangular frame made of stainless steel, with a minimum section, anchored to the wall on the greater or lesser side, houses inside three small heads suspended thanks to a metal ring and four pins - almost a cruise of a universal joint - to confer total freedom of movement. Finally three simple tubes in flexible silicone translucent, diaphanous, ethereal bring water to every single jet.

Born from a deep study of human dynamics, NOT It is a delicate balance of forms, essential and iconic to give the best performance. An alternative to the mere vertical jet. As a gyroscope, in fact, the three heads can be oriented as desired to allow the jet to lick the body in the manner and in the direction that you want more, for maximum relaxation.

NOT It is available in chrome finish in three variants, longitudinal, transverse and suspended.

NOT He has won a prestigious international award Design Plus powered by ISH 2017 for its winning technology and design. This award demonstrates once again the ongoing commitment FIMA Carlo Frattini in research and development of unique solutions that combine aesthetic evolved in design and function.

Mast, minimal and functional design a bath room with a modern character.

Design Center Research FIMA / Division FIMA Carlo Frattini

Mast, the complete new series of mixers and articulated that recall the archetype of a traditional mixer and reinterpreting it in a modern way with a rigorous aesthetic solution but finished with soft corners.

Mast It stands for cleaning of the lines: thin strokes and slender characterize the mouth and the body of the mixer, the base is integrated and the lever profile is essential and minimal.

geometrically perfect shapes for an efficient and functional design that dialogue with any bathroom bringing harmony of proportions.

Mast It is available with a simple rod or rotatable and declines in the sink versions (standard, medium and extended for any form of washbasin), bidet, bath and outdoor shower and recessed. In addition to the classic finishes chrome, brushed nickel, white and matte black, this collection is enriched by the golden shades.

Con Mast Fima Carlo Frattini confirms its innovative approach and evolving, aimed at promoting products 100% Made in Italy at the forefront of design and technology


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