The pergola bioclimatic Med Varia Gibus Arkeda to 2017, 1 to 3 December in Naples.

The ongoing search for solutions to experience the year-round sunshine is the thrust that moves Gibus since she was born. Gibus designs and manufactures awnings, pergolas and a wide range of accessories designed for living outdoors to the fullest.

"The Sun Factory - Italy" is the phrase that accompanies the logo captures the essence of the company, with the last word that evokes a set of deep meanings, linked to a culture of authentic sunshine and a Mediterranean style that is expressed resulted in technological and aesthetic of its products.

Since the cutting edge: the pergola bioclimatic Med Varia, real full-season open space year-round use. Med Varies integrates side locks and windows directly in the profiles, to protect against all weather conditions and protect privacy. In addition, thanks to the cover motorized blades, allows to modulate the light and trigger a flow of air upward which regulates the microclimate below. A closed blades, the patent Side Seal ensures total protection from water, air and insects. A modular solution, according to climate and usable in all seasons.

Discover all the features of the Med Varies at the Gibus Atelier Center Domus stand.


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