Griesser, a leading brand in the Suncare industry, characterizes its activities with the research of the highest quality in terms of performance and reliability to satisfy the needs of all its customers that we present you with a wide range of products:

and a parcel roller shutters, blinds external shading, vertical techniques curtains, inclined and horizontal, awnings, blinds with sliding and folding system, electronic centralization and management systems via automation and also winter gardens integrable

with techniques tends in coverage and vertical, pergolas windows, fixed side closures, sliding or folding, LED lighting, heat producers. We take care of custom designs and custom made according to customer requirements that follow from the design stage to the construction site assistance in taking advantage of competent and structured.

Discover the Soft-Closing function of our valuable blinds and Metalunic Grinotex.

For venetian blinds premium Metalunic and Grinotex, with manual and automatic tilt at any height, Griesser offers the unique function "soft closing". The comfort drive convinces for rapid opening and closing and lives up to its name: with its light variable-speed movement, the function "soft closing" allows you to align the blades with precision and to exactly adjust the light. The slow reaching the end position ensures an almost silent closing of the slats.

Since June 25th our premium products "Metalunic V" / "V Metalunic Sinus"

"Grinotex III / III Grinotex Sinus" are equipped with the new drive series "Elero ComfortClose".


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