Fixtures: guide to choosing the one that suits your needs

Choosing the right fixtures for your home is not easy. From the material to the installation, there are many factors to consider during the purchase. That's why in this article we will try to understand which are the best fixtures according to different needs.


A first element to pay attention to are the materials used for the construction of the fixtures. In reality, there is no better material, but the choice varies according to the characteristics of your home.

In general, the most common are aluminum, wood-aluminum, PVC and steel. The former can go well in particularly large homes furnished with a minimal style, while wood-aluminum can be the ideal solution for those who want to combine design and functionality. The latter material, however, turns out to be very expensive, unlike the PVC which instead is among the cheapest on the market. The price of steel is also particularly high, but the performance of this material is incomparable.

Thermal insulation

The level of thermal insulation of the windows should not be underestimated. In this regard, it is worth considering the transmittance value, or the percentage of energy loss. The latter also depends on the material used. In general, the lower this value, the greater the thermal insulation and therefore the comfort of one casa. Furthermore, a lower transmittance value is also associated with greater savings on the bill.


Equally important is the evaluation of the acoustic insulation guaranteed by the windows. Noise, in addition to being annoying, can also be a source of multiple damage to health. Prolonged exposure to noise can in fact cause reduced memory capacity and increased pressure, with negative consequences for the cardio-respiratory system.

By choosing the right window model, you can reduce these risks. In particular, you have to choose fixtures with a high decibel value (dB). Traditional models have a noise reduction level of 32 dB. However, by installing the fixtures in the right way and obtaining a series of accessories, it is possible to reach a reduction value of up to 48 dB.


At first glance it may seem like a secondary aspect, but in reality the choice of color affects not only the appearance of your home, but also on the performance of the fixtures. In fact, with the installation of models with dark colors, greater heating will be obtained. Conversely, light colors allow for a longer duration over time and a much lower level of heating. Obviously, the choice of color also affects the materials, some of which, such as PVC, cannot even be colored.

In terms of color, the combination with the rest of the house must also be considered. Specifically, if you have a wooden parquet, for example, the best solution is the choice of matt lacquered fixtures, even if it is a difficult material to clean and is therefore to be avoided for those who do not have enough time available to devote to house cleaning.


When it comes to windows, we cannot fail to mention the installation, that is the window assembly operation. This must be done in the best possible way, as a successful operation has an impact on the performance of the fixtures for 70%. Installation is therefore essential: an incorrectly mounted window risks compromising all the benefits of a good model. For example, there is a risk of reducing the sound insulation capabilities, increasing the risk of incurring noise. Conversely, placing the window well increases the benefits.


A last no less important factor to consider is safety. In fact, most of the thefts at home occur through the forcing of windows, which is why it is advisable to obtain effective windows from this point of view. The choice must therefore fall on protected and resistant models, such as those made windows with 4 locking points, including 2 for security. For those with a higher budget, they can also choose models with shatterproof glass, anti-perforation plate and anti-burglary handle, in order to significantly increase their safety.

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