The Stone House


stories emerged

A story in pictures that encloses and compresses time through memory and imagination. The stone has always fascinated man since ancient times and has attributed to it virtues, meanings and magical powers. The house is the sense of personal comfort and well-being with them and with the outside world, means safety, security and point of reference from very early times of the caverns.
Caves inhabited by men who felt the need to "fill" their "houses" with signs and drawings of their experience. On the significance of safe haven soon be added to the space where you can express what was most important for them to become an expression, storytelling, mirror the emotional content, symbolic community.
The objects of The Stone House are traces of memory, summaries of passages in our history: the facts and events of our past as a result of mnemonic and not critical investigation, are "stories emerged" that combine stone raw materials retracing fragments of evolutionary memories.

After exposure to Marmomacc the project has received numerous invitations to exhibit in other events and has begun to implement collections and partner companies who ask to join the cultural project, communication and business; to date there are 67 collections for more than 250 objects and 42 artisans from all over Italy

THE STONE HOUSE received the Best Communicator Award 2014 in the section Design at Marmomacc has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2016, and contributes to the Compasso d'Oro in 2018 in the "enterprise search"; The Imprints collection is among the finalists of the Meneghetti International Art Prize 2018; She received the Woman of Marble Award 2019.


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