Metalglas Bonomi, the only company of its kind!

Unique for its vast range of accessories and systems for glass which includes rails for sliding doors, sliding doors and shower, walls and furniture and impacchettatili closures, office walls, interior and exterior doors and a full range of profiles and accessories for railings and canopies.

Unique to the great propensity for innovation, design and customization of products thanks to a technical office composed of young artists who each year give birth to new patents.

Also unique logistics. 22,000 square meters on 10 floors where fluctuate every day hundreds of packages.

Metalglas, you begin to choose us for admiration and end up to admire us because we have chosen !!!


About Mutart


Via Vannella Gaetani, 27 - 80121 Naples

Tel: [+39] 081 7640032

Fax: [+39] 081 2451769


D'Oltremare - Naples

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