Mirage designs and manufactures for 45 years floors and walls in porcelain making it a great partner for planners, designers and architects in over 160 countries worldwide, supporting the delicate phase of the project and site management.

The solutions designed and distributed by Mirage meet the requirements of each intended use: from airports to shopping centers, via private homes or public places. Coating and flooring are declined in a wide range of products, which meets the technical characteristics of very different surfaces: small sizes, but also ventilated façades and raised floors.

Thanks to a 'ample supply of large slabsThe Mirage program has always the measure and ideal thickness for each specific situation:

The thickness 6 mm large format 120 × 278, 160 × 160 and 160 × 320, offers the right Balance: Avoids the fragility of the lower thicknesses, but remain more light and handy del 9 mm.

The thickness of 9 mm. optimal for Reliable floors even in large format, And of course for coatings. The 120 × 120 is safe in every context, the 120 × 240 is ideal for coatings without cutting and without waste.

The thickness of 12 mm. slabs for interiors, for glued installation, in sizes up to 162 × 324.

The 20mm thickness. slabs for interior and exterior, for dry laying, elevated or even glued for large sheets 120 × 240.


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