Modulor Algorithm?


Exhibition title: MODULOR O ALGORITMO?
Under the patronage of: ADI Delegation of Puglia and Basilicata / for the exhibition in Naples with the patronage also of ADI Delegation of Campania

70 years after the first edition of Le Corbusier's Modulor, Cintya Concari and Roberto Marcatti decided to curate an exhibition that had its focus on the stylized figure of the man by Le Corbusier with the measurements taken from his Modulor.

The question that arises to the architects / designers / artists invited and engaged in the reinterpretation of that stylized human figure is whether today in the era of the digital economy where everything seems to be managed by the invisible hand of computers the modulor of Le Corbusier is still current or history of other times that must be replaced by artificial intelligence that through thealgorithm leads us to the "best" problem resolution.

In common there are calculation procedures, but the stylized figure of a man is replaced by the form of a tree diagram that allows you to find new, unpublished interpretations starting from the information already known.

The question therefore posed by the curators of the exhibition is whether today, by working with the algorithm, we can lay the foundations for the new architecture.

This is the challenge to which those who participated in this project are called, who have reinterpreted the figure of the stylized man in Corian produced by the Kubico company with material coming from the waste of processing; The approximately 100 protagonists of the exhibition, placed in front of the modulor / algorithm dilemma, thus express and manifest a personal and autonomous freedom of intervention by modifying the stylized human figure making it become a pictorial support or a constructive / sculptural element.

ADI Campania
Andrea Jandoli - president

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