Nemesi 2020


The year 4040 has just arrived. The future has opened up bringing noticeable changes to our way of life in the night sky, opaque and deep. The air swirls like a whirlwind, forming whirlpools of dust all around. The wind gets stronger, blows away branches and leaves and there's a stormy air. Suddenly a loud and clear roar echoes. An explosion that makes the earth tremble, causing a tremendous impact. An unidentified asteroid runs at full speed towards our planet, swallowing what it encounters, modifying everything that humans have been able to build up to now. The matter of the asteroid expands and envelops every surface like volcanic lava and changes every element; a decisive path that guarantees an optimal result where it manages to linger.

NEMESI is his name. Guarantor of measure and balance, restorer of justice, careful observer of terrestrial events, severe and just punisher in her punishments.

NEMESIS to dominate the future, changing the past.

Today’s failure is the NEMESIS of incurable optimism.


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