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A manufacturer of stained synergies where ideas are born, objects and experiences

Made in Naples

After over a year of study and research was born PIECES OF NAPLES, a physical and virtual space search of talents and creative energies to retrieve the memory of beauty and hand-made, value some forgotten crafts and support new project ideas, a showcase and artistic production laboratory.

Spare Napoli is a brand, A business-oriented technology platform and a place of research and study with a vision world wide. Brainchild of Giosy Camardella e Tweety Gallucci with the aim of telling Napoli to a cultured and cosmopolitan audience through fragments of design and craftsmanship, limited edition.
The project aims to recover the memory part of the immense historical, artistic and cultural city through new and contemporary languages. Not only exclusive items that are distinguished by the creative idea and the invoice, but also new editions of classics and new projects to dress the house, the place or person. Collections in which technique and concept come together in items functional and rich in meaning, symbols that connote space, emotions and memory.

A mermaid is the logo of brand, Siren as Partenope, founder of Naples.

SPARE NAPOLI.IT E 'ON LINE FROM OCTOBER he debuted with TWO PIECES CULT Home decor in the collection of the brand: Sunflower e Intallium.

SUNFLOWER is the exclusive edition of the chair designed by Roberto Mango (Naples 1920-2003) in the mid-fifties: Mediterranean, evocative, cultured and refined as it was the architect and designer from Naples.

INTALLIUM is the chaise longue designed by Stefano Mango and covered with creativity from hand drawn fabrics by textile designer Stefania Ricci.

For Arkeda 2018 Spare Naples presents his project and the first pieces of the collection.

Spare Napoli

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