Luci Platek to ARKEDA 2017

The design collections in Naples for the exhibition and conference

From 1 to 3 December 2017, in Naples, will host the exhibition and conference ARKEDA dedicated to architecture, building and design. Platek participates in the exhibition presenting the latest collections of light contained in the new catalog 2017/2018.

With the clear distinction between the fields of "Decorative" and the ' "Architectural", operated in this new catalog - which also shows the most recent products with optics designed entirely within the Lighting Design department Platek (see collection TEAM) - the Italian brand highlights even more their descent into the field in the category "Design" which has played a leading role in recent years with the launch of highly appreciated collections, that we will find on display at the booth to ARKEDA Platek.

Among these we remember the FLAMINGO FROG and families, designed by designer Sara Moroni: an indoor and outdoor collection first, a true modular lighting system the second. The MESH ideal for outdoor lights, waterproof, from the design of clear classical inspiration, but with a highly technological heart, TEAM will join the technical range and high efficiency projectors TARGET: three complete collections designed by Arch. Marco Acerbis. Lanterns ETEREA and stakes NAIL, both solutions designed by the Lighting Design Studio Dabu, will complete the exhibition space.


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