Ponics is a biotechnology company working in the field dell'agritech: designs and manufactures systems that rely on the use of aquaponics systems that combine the growth of plant species the fish farm.

The Ponics systems are environmentally friendly, intended for hotels, restaurants, offices and private homes who want to enjoy green design solutions with the production of herbs, medicinal, vegetables and MicroGreen, zero km and sustainable, in indoor and outdoor environments.

The modular solutions as furniture

It is green custom design solutions, and designed according to customer requirements, the space available and the context in which they will be placed. The botanical project involves the choice of the most suitable plants depending on the desired customer, location and exposure in the case of outdoor installations.

Ponics 4 business

The line for business is aimed at businesses that want to self-produce vegetables, herbs and MicroGreen for consumption, such as ornamental solution or for completion of marketing strategies.

Chinampas 2.0

This is the technological review of the floating gardens of Aztec civilization: a greenhouse aquaponics then combines fish farming to the cultivation of vegetables, and herbs MicroGreen, equipped with climate control system, operator panel, local user interface and remote lighting LEDs, aimed at hobby farmers, businesses and large boats.


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