Pratic - the Italian brand known internationally for the design of pergolas and awnings, to Arkeda presents his most popular proposals for life open air.

The exhibition space is a perfect blend of creativity, style, attention to detail and innovation - Distinctive character of the company founded in 1960 - and is the result of collaboration with Roda, a company that, like Pratic, is the best made in Italy in the world and that it shares with the cult of beauty and elegance.

In Naples, the protagonist exposure Pratic will be T-Project, the new ambitious by advanced conception awnings program that includes the two models T-Hide e T-Code.

The new curtains are equipped with a special arm voltage system with motorized movement. The structure and the front of T-Hide and T-Code have been rationalized into one box that also contains fabric and technical components: an innovative device that, with a closed curtain, turns it into a refined aesthetic detail that enhances the project architectural.

Hide-T and T-Code are equipped with LED strip light with dimmable high illuminating power; An important innovation introduced by Pratic to respond to the need for light points under the tent. The water drainage system in the front, however, provides protection from the rain.

Arkeda will be an opportunity to admire one of the cornerstones of Pratic production: bioclimatic pergola Opera, Always at the forefront structure belonging to the line Bioclimatic Planet, Pratic proposes that in response to the dictates of bioclimatic architecture, discipline that provides a design that values ​​and respects the environment, environmental sustainability and research of thermal comfort.

Who is Pratic

Pratic nasce nel 1960 e rappresenta una delle prime realtà italiane nella progettazione e produzione di tende da sole, pergole e strutture da esterno. In mezzo secolo di storia, Pratic ha rivoluzionato l’idea del vivere open air grazie a innovazioni, brevetti e una qualità totale che accomuna ogni singolo progetto. L’azienda conosciuta in Italia e in Europa, ha avuto negli ultimi anni una crescita esponenziale, dovuta alle risorse che essa costantemente investe in innovazione del prodotto e risorse umane. Le soluzioni outdoor Pratic nascono da una progettazione sempre più raffinata e ricca di dettagli, sempre fedele al pay-off aziendale, the open air culture, che racchiude in sé la propensione e la capacità di realizzare soluzioni innovative che valorizzano gli spazi esterni così da renderli utilizzabili nel massimo comfort e per tutto il tempo dell’anno.


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