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Porcelain stoneware

Grès Porcellanato: history and curiosities

Gianmarco Maiolini

Grès Porcellanato: history and curiosities

Before reconstructing the history and characteristics of this material, which is by now very widespread and used in today's constructions, let's start by giving a definition of stoneware.

Stoneware is a hard-paste ceramic material, obtained by cooking until incipient vitrification of the mixture. It has a compact, hard, sonorous and impermeable texture. Very often it has a waterproof showcase cover.

The origin of the word grès seems to derive from ancient French artifacts so called and which used the same type of clay, which takes the name of siliceous sandstone.

The word porcelain instead derives from the candid color of the very white clays used to create this material. In Italy, materials mainly from Sardinian quarries and worked in the city of Guspini, in the province of Cagliari. Hence the denomination km0 of the product.


From the 1950s they took the name of stoneware unglazed tiles with very low porosity, created with red, ferruginous, non-carbonate clays that glaze during cooking.

The final product was obviously red. The raw material was ground dry in impact or hammer mills and cooked in tunnels in cycles of 70 hours at an average temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius.

However the product was not the best. It had significant limitations of a purely technological nature. Among these the still rudimentary instrumentation available to the ovens which prevented an optimal adjustment of the firing curve. Problems in the press pressure phase which did not allow to obtain the desired level of density for the tiles.
Still insufficient controls of the grinding parameters, therefore granules of various sizes.

The result still had good strength characteristics, for example to acid and frost, but it was difficult to extract, control and was not waterproof, presenting considerable porosity.

This product was mainly used in public buildings such as schools, hospitals, laboratories. What made it preferable were above all the low costs and its resistance.

The Grès Porcellanato

The turning point came around the 1980s, when in Sardinia, especially in the Sassuolo area, the experimentation in the building theme comes to pack the best version, up to that moment, of the product.

This material is suitable for both indoors and outdoors and is characterized by its enormous versatility. For exteriors it can withstand the wear and tear of the elements well, even if for obvious reasons, it tends to last less than the material used for interiors.
Speaking of duration, stoneware has an almost unlimited longevity.

It is extremely simple to clean, using any type of detergents and disinfectants. Plus it is stain resistant, does not retain halos.

It does not require maintenance, therefore it does not require treatments for the care and polishing of wooden or marble floors.

Porcelain stoneware is a fireproof material and is resistant to fire, therefore also to falls from cigarettes, matches, hot objects, etc. In the event of a fire, therefore, it will resist fire and will not emit toxic fumes.

One of the most important features is its sustainability. The materials used to create stoneware are 100% natural and recyclable. In particular, the materials are: sand, clay, minerals and feldspars. and, they do not contain plastics, they are resistant to chemical agents, waterproof, hypoallergenic and recyclable.

Its use is usually thought for floors, but it can also be used for vertical surfaces.

Trend 2023

I trend of 2023 for the interior design

Gianmarco Maiolini

I trend of 2023 for the interior design

2023 is upon us and for all design lovers, it may be useful to take a preventive look at what will probably be i trend del 2023 not only for home furnishings.
Clients may be more drawn to the propositions of a knowledgeable professional about what is next year's trend. The trend in fashion and staying up to date with trends is a guilty pleasure which many buyers cannot pass up.

So let's take a look at the trends that will probably drive the most in this very close 2023:

Indoor e outdoor uniti

From the idea of loft which aims to sweep away the domestic walls between the rooms and conceiving a single large space open in which to live the house, the idea of ​​eliminating even the external ones is emerging!
Obviously, it is not a question of going to live on the street, but of conceiving a union between the internal domestic space and the external one, for example the garden, driveway, etc., thus eliminating doors, barriers and gates.


We know what it is and we have learned to appreciate it but minimalism will still probably be the protagonist of 2023.
Away with all unnecessary frills, junk and old dusty vintage radios. Domestic and working space with a view to functionality, reduced to the bone, which looks to aesthetics without getting lost in useless details. Few elements but carefully selected and tastefully positioned in the space.


It will be reasonable to expect a return to the 70s. Nostalgia doesn't forgive and after having gutted the never mourned enough 80s, it is possible to expect a 10-year leap back of nostalgia through the use of reflections and brightness, geometric design furniture, mirrors, use of steel, glossy paints and metallic.

Organic materials

As we also got to see at the Arkeda fair in November 2022, in the new way of conceiving interpor design and architecture, attention to sustainability can no longer be a side element.
The use of organic materials in order to avoid environmental pollution as much as possible is becoming and absolutely must continue to be one standard, a point of no return from which it is difficult to go back.
And also from an aesthetic point of view, as well as environmental, the contact and return to nature also in terms of colors, materials and style will give a breath of fresh air to the way of conceiving interpor design, tired of unnecessary burdens and eager for freshness , novelty and lightness.


Directly connected to the previous trend, of which perhaps it is only a corollary, the attention to unite the urban element with the natural one, of life (from which biophilia or love for life) will certainly be an irreplaceable element of the way of living the home environment in 2023.

Recovery and upcycling

Second corollary of an environmentalist and sustainable point of view. If on the one hand, using organic materials can be the right choice to avoid polluting more, what do we do with all the materials that have already been used and are perhaps difficult to dispose of?
The solution is to upcycling that is, the intelligent reuse and recycling of materials in order not to pollute and to give new life to everything that appeared as a useless corpse. An intelligent use of the recycling of materials will allow the creation of new forms of aesthetics, enhanced by the genuine desire not to pollute and to use what is no longer needed (therefore perhaps even at a reduced cost, why not?) and shape it to our liking.

Gift ideas for design lovers

Gianmarco Maiolini

Christmas is upon us and the streets of the cities are often full of people looking for last minute gifts to give. If you have ended up in this guide, you probably need gift ideas too and you don't feel like having to make your way through the crowd of crazed people running from one store to another.
If you are a design lover and want to give yourself a gift, or if you have been negligent and have not yet bought Christmas gifts and the recipient is a furniture lover, here are some gift ideas that may come in handy.

Their Nintendo

More suitable for a child or even an adult passionate about technology, video games and design, Nintendo Labo was awarded by Times magazine as part of the best inventions of 2018. It is a hybrid between a video game, since it requires the Nintendo Switch console and a game analogue, needing to assemble the parts with special cardboard models.
Extremely creative and aesthetically pleasing, it will entice your children or the children of your friends.
Secretly, if you are curious, you too can play it, no one will judge you.

Voice assistants

Although in recent times they have been recording a significant drop in sales, for a technology enthusiast, the voice assistant can be a whim, a curiosity to get rid of. In this regard, in addition to the usual "Alexa, play a song" or "Alexa, what's the weather like today", counting on a little more investment, with a view to domestic design, you can also think of installing smart devices connected to the Internet that allow you to turn off, for example, the lights in the house with the clapping of your hands.

Design storage

You can give your architect, engineer, creative friend a storage box that contains pens, pencils, erasers, tools, with an unconventional shape, perhaps with curved lines, which can embellish the office and give a more marked personalization to the working environment

Portable aroma diffuser

The Muji company has produced a very graceful line of aroma diffusers in terms of design, extremely small, light and easy to handle, to be placed anywhere, at home or in the office, with rechargeable batteries that last for eight hours. No threads, with replaceable felt pads and no need to add water.

Thermal bottle

If the recipient of the gift is a person who cares about the environment and the consumption of plastic, a mandatory gift is that of a water bottle or a drink holder, even better if insulated from a thermal point of view, which are objects now present in every office, which beautify the environment and allow you to always have the necessary amount of water with you without further contributing to the pollution of the planet with disposable plastic. Convenient, economical, useful and sustainable.

New generation coffee machine

There are now many types of coffee machines, with pods, with capsules and of many brands. Also based on the tastes of those who will receive the gift, choose the machine that best suits their needs. A minimal, small one that takes up little space but embellishes the home could be an excellent idea, also useful and certainly welcome.

The important thing is the thought of doing something nice to someone we love, not how much money we spent. These ideas that we have proposed are ideas to use as you wish, to try to amaze and please those you want to give a gift.

Arkeda 2022: What to expect, exhibitors and partners

Gianmarco Maiolini

Arkeda 2022: What to expect, exhibitors and partners

Arkeda proposes the Architecture, Building, Design and Furnishing Exhibition to be held in Naples, in the Mostra D'Oltremare on 2, 3 and 4 December 2022, for its ninth edition.

The theme of the fair and exhibitions is a new way of understanding construction and design, aimed at models of sustainability, quality and nature, as well as social utility.

Arkeda 2022 will boast a wide range of exhibitors:

  • HP: which will exhibit its HP Designjet large format printers, aimed at architects, planners, designers and creatives.
  • 360 Energy: which will present a careful selection of innovative domestic electric heating solutions, 100% made in Italy, with great attention to energy saving and optimization of consumption management.
  • Liu Jo Living: which will exhibit its line of sofas, poufs and armchairs, characterized by elegant lines, soft fabrics and customizable colors with a strong identity.
  • Innova Intrusion: which will present its PVC technology with aluminum structure, for acoustic and thermal insulation-proof fixtures and in the name of recycling since the company boasts the CAM certificate which certifies the reuse of about 10% of plastic materials.
  • The pantograph: company that has been operating for 20 years in the wood sector and which will present its most exclusive models of milled panels taking shape on the precious solid wood of toulipier, ash, oak and walnut.
  • Kitchen brands: which will present its modular wooden kitchens and related furnishing accessories. In particular, the Convivium kitchen from their new Philosophy collection will be presented.
  • Grohe: which will present Grohe Blue Pure, a domestic filtration system, an interesting solution made up of a 2-in-1 tap, which supplies mixed running water and natural filtered water. It does not require electrical outlets and is available in 3 models. It is also possible to choose between different filtration technologies.
  • Alfa Marmi: company present on the market for almost 50 years, oriented towards solid and traditional principles.
  • Goss: Italian official distributor of Carlisle CM EUROPE of EPDM waterproofing systems, which will present its line of cutting-edge, eco-sustainable and non-toxic waterproofing material, suitable for flat roofs, terraces, green roofs, foundations, retaining walls, balconies, tanks, bio-pools and bio-lakes.
  • B&B Systems: which will present its line of materials and semi-finished products for the creation of illuminated signs, billboards and a vast range of products for visual communication at the point of sale and for the organization of corporate events.
  • Olympus: which will present Olympus Sisma Joint, a system that allows the low-invasive tackling of beam-column nodes with interventions all external to the building envelope.
  • Rimura: which will present its line of wallpaper, aimed at the craftsmanship, beauty and delicacy of the tailor made, with attention to ecological and functional choices in the support materials.
  • Naturinform: German manufacturer of composite wood, which will present its wide range of flooring and facade cladding. Their products are made in Germany and consist of 70% PEFC certified wood and 30% Polyethylene.
  • Gazzotti: which will present its product Pronto Parquet Gazzotti with ECOPUR finish, which protects, ionizes and purifies environments from smog, microbes, dust, mites, pollen, germs, bacteria and viruses, even the most resistant ones, such as Coronaviruses.
  • Arca: which will present its new design of modular furniture lines and furnishing accessories for the bathroom, with research and industrialization of materials, finishes and colours.
  • ARD: which will present the Leather Wall Panels collection of wall coverings in hard polymer, an exceptional material for its ease of assembly as well as its resistance to impact and wear over time.
  • Salamander: which will present GretaFenster, winner of the RedDot 2022 and German Design Award 2022, which uses 100% recycled PVC in full respect of nature.
  • He lived: Chemical Industry that designs and manufactures resin formulations with a high engineering content, for the construction of industrial, commercial and civil flooring.
  • Original Spotlight Center.
  • A&C Doors and Windows.
  • DPS Solving: which will present its complete range of supports and accessories capable of creating extremely elegant as well as functional outdoor raised floors.
  • FMG: which will illustrate the latest news of the brand, from the new marbles and MaxFine marbles, to the new Balance collection to end the journey of discovery of Bottega d'arte.
  • IC Tende: who will bring to the fair its new know-how and its design products that enrich the furnishings and embellish the outdoor spaces.
  • New Solar: which will present its homonymous product at Arkeda 2022 NewSolar, an innovative solar protection and shading system, built in aluminum, has a fabric made up of profiles obtained by extrusion and which can be spaced apart even to different extents, to allow you to freely adjust the light and natural ventilation desired.
  • Mapei 2021: a manufacturer of chemical materials for the building industry will be offering its solutions for laying Mapei tiles with zero impact on climate change and its new and complete range of water-based paints for interiors, Dursilite and Mapecoat ACT.
  • Xilon: which will present its new bathroom furniture collection that enhances the concept of a functional bathroom, with a refined and minimalist design.
  • Casket.
  • Unox: which enters the high-end residential market with its new UnoxCasa division and will present at Arkeda 2022 SuperOven, the first oven that integrates the high technology of the best professional ovens.
  • Relab: deals with resin for floors and walls of homes, offices and shops and will present its line of versatile and resistant material, but also flexible according to the needs of creativity and aesthetic effect.
  • Atmosphera: which will present LOTO, a modular sofa inspired by the plant of the same name, symbol of purity and elegance.
  • Trancone workshops: who will present his collection of door signs in various materials and engravings.
  • Inkiostro Bianco.
  • Tony House: which will present its line of furniture from tables, chairs, wardrobes, beds and many other accessories.
  • Technolam: will illustrate two unmissable novelties: the Opificio collection, a series of decorative cuts that guarantee architects and interior designers maximum creative freedom to combine different finishes for installations full of personality and an unprecedented collection of furnishing elements with a contemporary design
  • Emilgroup: which will present the latest trends in ceramic design inspired by agates, crystals, resins and woods, with the new range of colours.
  • Ferrari & Cigarini: launches its new “Capri” cutting machine: one for cutting and one for profiling, with a fundamental feature: the single-phase power outlet.
  • Cerasa: which will bring the new Honey collection, a precious and versatile furnishing system, which interprets a bathroom with a strong character.
  • Irsap: which will present Hybrid, the ventilated radiator that combines energy efficiency research with a unique geometry, an innovative hybrid of design and technology.
  • Creative chaos: which will offer its line of wallpaper with ECOPUR AIR-WALL applied, an innovative technology that does not pollute but rather purifies the air.
  • Alberani Parquet: manufacturer of wooden floors, with great respect for nature.
  • F/Art: which will present its F/ARYA product, which acts against bad odors and VOCs, and guarantees a quality experience in any environment:
  • Cimmino Lime: company specialized in the processing of seasoned lime putty to meet the needs of the Restoration of Artistic, Architectural and Cultural Heritage.
  • Dormakaba: which will present its automatic gates, for reception areas and more.
  • Rexa: which will present Vision, a collection conceived as a space in which sensoriality and functionality come together and dialogue harmoniously.
  • Quadro: which will illustrate Formafantasta, the intuitive and silent "FFQT" collection of bathroom and kitchen taps in stainless steel.
  • Bongio: which will present the new faucet collections, Linea By Ac, Amarcord and the new range of “Wet&Wild” finishes, with the intention of transforming the faucet from an accessory and essential protagonist of the bathroom, kitchen and spa.
  • There is Marmi.
  • Stoneware Art.
  • Hansa: company specialized in offering inspiration and innovative solutions for the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Dreamwall: company specializing in wallpaper which will present its latest proposals.
  • Casket: which will present Magnifico, a revolutionary system that uses magnetic levitation to guide the movement of the door.
  • Hermetic: which will propose the new collection of Echo interior doors, made up of the Echo Battente Door and the Echo Sliding Door, both flush with the wall and minimalist solutions.
  • Atelier Dalisi: which will offer its new production of unpublished works, made to measure and in exclusive limited series.
  • Plasters: which will present its collections at Arkeda 2022 created in a zero-impact green park for hotels, public spaces, yachts and private homes.

Arkeda 2022: DNA at the heart of the programme

Gianmarco Maiolini

Arkeda 2022: DNA at the heart of the programme

Arkeda 2022 theme is the DNAunderstood as Design/Nature/Architecture.

The reference to nature and to sustainability is an essential element for the concept that Arkeda he wants to propose in his Exhibition of architecture, construction, design and furniture to be held at Naples, in Show Overseas in the days 2, 3 and 4 December 2022, for its ninth edition.

The concept of nature as the keystone in Arkeda 2022

The construction also becomes a secondary element, in second place, with respect to the predominant and substantial element of nature.

With respect to this orientation, Arkeda maintains that he must train the new class of architects and that he must introduce a humanistic structure and a direct look at the environment.

It is also necessary to bear in mind virtuous results in large dimensions, they can only be achieved through the sum of virtuous details and, likewise, the management and growth of a conscious and sustainable company in architectural terms can only pass through small sustainable and aware professional interventions.

Every architect must be aware of the responsibility he carries on his shoulders, since his ingenuity contributes to the construction of the DNA chain and respect for the environment.

It is part of company growth and he too, like the whole population, must be aware of the urgent and no longer deferable need to direct consumption and the way of life in a new direction.

It cannot fail to be part of the necessary process of change, required of each of us and must adapt its mindset and working spirit to the challenges that the modern world has put us in front of, even though they are not easy to solve.

Universal Sustainability Module

The construction, therefore, becomes Universal Sustainability Module. Architects are the protagonists of this great change, through small choices in order to pursue sustainable development, together with all the other specialized figures who, within their field of competence, can help guide change in the most sustainable and desirable direction for society, as anthropologists, sociologists, researchers.

This result is to be found in every professional field, in the life and career of every human being first and then a professional.

The natural consequence is that, returning to the architectural sphere, this spirit must be inserted into the daily working life both of the little professional who works on his own, both at the large professional studio, completely eliminating the search for major works and actions if useless or not very sustainable and instead providing incentives small targeted and controlled interventions, always bearing in mind that the construction and rehabilitation works are works of responsibility and cultural knowledge. The philosophical and spiritual conception is therefore no longer a side element, but a fundamental guideline. The blind pursuit of profit without considering the consequences is something that humanity cannot afford and it is necessary that the entire population, from the most to the least well-off, become aware of this essential awareness.

What does the reference to DNA express?

So, taking up the fundamental concept of DNA, the construction of buildings, furnishings and more generally the work of the architect, have undergone and can still undergo a considerable transformation, handling over the time. A regeneration to give new life again, to satisfy new needs and give youth back to those same construction objects.

The architect then becomes a geneticist, which through technology and its expertise, can manipulate and transform the urban and domestic context in harmony with the needs of the environment and according to sustainable development, for everyone and not just for the privileged few.

All this will not be able to live except through an address of qualitycommon denominator of this evolution.

And this research will take place after the discussions on theoretical methods, in three exemplary laboratories, on the awareness and research that companies and scholars have developed.

Finally, a final debate on the topic will be held in a final workshop.

The laboratories are structured as follows:


DESIGN: the handcrafted object is confronted with natural materials. Serial design confronts sustainability


NATURE: meets society and dictates the new biological rhythms necessary for a new technological orientation


ARCHITECTURE: the architectural recovery and reuse of marginal spaces and places is the new frontier of architecture

SYNTHESIS: round table on new experiments and new cultural directions born from the synergies between research and culture (TED model)


In final laboratory by Arkeda 2022 some ideas are proposed to generate debates, contributions and interventions, to be collected in a handout to be published before the Event and distributed as an insert in Arkeda magazine:

1) Nature understood no longer as a superstructure but as an element of reference for the work of architects

2) The importance of small size and detail in the architect's work

3) The work of the individual moves the conscience of society

4) Architecture, design but also art to be current no longer have separations, subjections or boundaries, and converge with sociology, technology and all the other sciences in a Global Humanism necessary for the protection and development of Society

5) The essence and Philosophy of the Architect's work is an indispensable tool for the Evolved Society, and therefore it must be developed and updated continuously, in a difficult and demanding continuous professional training

6) Time no longer has a linear development, but can be manipulated, as in genetics

7) Quality as the common denominator of any development


Expensive energy: how to save at home

Francesco Riccio

Recent rises in utility bills are forcing many families to take measures to save. In fact, there are many ways to reduce energy costs and do not require particular sacrifices.

In this article we will try to understand what are the main ways to save at home.

How to save with appliances

Let's start with household appliances, which represent a particularly high source of consumption in a home. However, if you can use them in the right way, you can save a lot. For example regarding the washing machine, it can be a good solution to always use it when it is fully loaded and with temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees, perhaps with the eco program. Equally important is also constantly checking the real consumption of the appliance.

To get savings you should use it right too the dryer and dishwasher. In the first case, it may be a good idea to place items that have already been centrifuged in the dryer inside the appliance, in order to eliminate excess water. Furthermore, it is advisable to start the appliance only when the basket is full. In the case of the dishwasher, on the other hand, it is essential to use the eco program or, at most, a normal program but with lower temperatures. It can also be useful to eliminate the drying part.

One of the most energy-intensive appliances in a home is undoubtedly the refrigerator. Even in this case, however, there are a number of methods to reduce consumption. In particular, it is advisable to always ensure good maintenance to the appliance, in order to ensure good operation. Therefore, it is also good practice to carry out regular defrosting. Another good habit is not to insert hot food and to leave it open for a long period of time. Furthermore, if the refrigerator model is too old, it is convenient, from an energy point of view, to replace it.

You can also save on air conditioning, for example by setting a temperature below 6 degrees compared to that of the external environment, and also on the oven, avoiding buying particularly large models, since in this case it takes more time and more energy to heat them. Better to address models with dimensions equal to 60 cm in width. In addition, it is also necessary to provide constant cleaning of the appliance.

Save on light with low consumption light bulbs

One of the effective ways to save on your electricity bill is to purchase low-consumption light bulbs. On the market, however, there are different types: there are for example those a led, which offer high performance in terms of duration and consumption. Moreover, they are also quite cheap, unlike the smart ones which however offer very low consumption and wide functionalities.

There are also the halogen bulbs, which however have a higher consumption than those listed above.

How to save on gas

In addition to electricity, in recent months we have also been witnessing a sharp increase in the cost of gas. To cope with the price increases, a good solution is to install a condensing boiler, which, especially if combined with radiant panels, allows to obtain a saving of 30%. It may also be useful to replace older fixtures, in such a way as to optimize the heat inside the environment to make the use of radiators less necessary. In particular, it can be very advantageous to choose PVC windows, which ensure a high level of thermal insulation.

Finally, the heat pumps, through which it is possible to extract heat from a natural source and put it back inside the home. By doing so, energy savings of up to 70% can be achieved.

Save gas in the kitchen

Again to save gas, it may be appropriate to adopt a series of precautions in the kitchen. For example, a good habit is to use gods lids for both boiling water and cooking. Equally useful can be the use of a pressure cooker, in order to reduce not only consumption but also cooking times.

Finally, it may be useful to adopt a series of measures to save on hot water: for example, one solution is to obtain heat pump water heater or a gas water heater.


Use of marble at home: ideas and advice

Francesco Riccio

Marble is a very elegant material, capable of providing the rooms of a home with a completely new and modern face. It is no coincidence that it has often been used for the creation of artistic works. There are many ways to use this type of material at home and in this article we will try to see some of them.

The advantages of marble

The reason behind the great diffusion of marble lies in the many advantages that it entails, starting for example from its own low refractive index, according to which the light penetrates inside the stone, giving life to a unique brightness. This happens especially with white marble.

The material is also extremely resistant and guarantees a long life. In addition, it must be added that it can be worked very easily if necessary. When it comes to the advantages of marble, one certainly cannot fail to mention its aesthetic value, which has always made it one of the most elegant materials that exist.

Are there some disadvantages of marble? In fact, even this material has some downsides. First of all, being very delicate, it requires almost constant care, which can become a problem for those who do not have the necessary time to dedicate to cleaning the house. In addition, marble is a cold material and during the winter it does not contribute to making a more comfortable environment.

Anyway, the choice depends on your tastes and desires. However, when buying marble to furnish the home, it is also necessary to pay attention to a number of technical factors that can make a difference. Let's find out what they are.

How to choose marble to decorate the house

As already mentioned, the choice of marble for your home must be done according to your tastes. However, it is also important to take into account the size of the environment. In fact, for particularly large rooms it is necessary to address a black or otherwise dark marble. In this way, in fact, the so-called shrinking effect is not incurred.

For smaller rooms, the White marble, in such a way as to provide a greater sensation of amplitude. In addition, white is very easy to adapt to the rest of the furniture. A shade that has been in fashion lately is pink, which in addition to providing an elegant look, also gives a greater sense of calm. The same goes for green and cream too.

For those who prefer to give a touch of originality to their home, the solution to address is the yellow marble. Finally, an ideal option for ethnic environments is represented by brown marble.

How to furnish your home with marble


Let's now see how to apply marble inside a home, starting from the bathroom. In this case, the material is mainly used for the floor, but it is not uncommon to see it also on the coatings or on one of the individual elements that make up the bathroom.

Living room

In the living room, marble can be used, as well as for the floor, also for the table, the coffee table, a flower girl or a sculpture. It can also be a good solution to use it for trays.


As for the kitchen, marble is generally used for the counter tops. In this case, the application of the material can be very advantageous, since, as we have seen, one of its main features is to provide maximum strength. It can also be used for i sinks or by i taps.

Bookcases and accessories

In recent years, marble is increasingly used for the creation of bookcases. It is about a very elegant solution, which can provide a touch of class that can revolutionize the environments of your home.

Equally popular are the small marble objects, which allow you to create small corners of great style. Finally, the material can also be used for i villages, in order to bring out undefined corners of the house.

Color-of-the-floor-joints-how-to-choose it

Color of the floor joints: how to choose it

Francesco Riccio

To get a floor with a perfect appearance it is essential to pay attention to every little detail. Among elements to take into consideration there are above all the escapes. In fact, even a small defect in size or shape can compromise the aesthetic component of the entire floor. In this article, we will focus on one point in particular: the color of the joints. There are many shades on the market and, although the choice depends on your needs and preferences, it is essential to know well what are the methods to identify the most suitable color.

What are escapes

Before understanding how and which color to choose, it is advisable to briefly clarify what is meant by the term grout. It indicates nothing more than the distance that divides one floor tile from the other and which allows its adjustment. Generally, they are characterized by sizes ranging between 2 and 4 mm, but other sizes can also be found on the market. Much in fact depends on the size of the floor, the type of substrate and many other small factors. The materials used to make the joints can be different. Typically, a compound of cement and water, known as grout, is used. Alternatively, sealants are also applied. In any case, whatever material you decide to choose, this must be able to guarantee maximum surface protection.

How to choose the color of the joints

Before seeing which color to target, it is advisable to know your needs thoroughly. In particular, it is necessary to understand if you intend to choose something traditional or to focus on innovative solutions. In the first case, the choice is quite simple: most of the joints made in the past were white shade. However, this color gets dirty very easily, especially if applied in very busy areas of the house. A good alternative to white could be represented by gray, which in addition to being versatile, also tends to get less dirty.

In recent years, the world of joints has been completely upset and revolutionized, also and above all thanks to new technologies. Today, in fact, most of the modern houses are made up of colored joints. These are made with epoxy substances and offer very high performance, as well as a long resistance over time. For those who opt for colored joints, the picture is a little more complicated. In fact, there is really an embarrassment of choice on the market. To facilitate the decision it may be useful to take into consideration some tips: First of all, when choosing, it is advisable to focus on neutral colors. In fact, these are very trendy and allow for an extraordinary visual effect, capable of providing a new look to the entire environment. Another tip is to focus on tone-on-tone joints, characterized however by one less shade. In this case, in addition to guaranteeing a formidable appearance, you will also get a long-lasting product.

Furthermore, the joints must be compatible with the material of the tiles. It is therefore necessary to try to harmonize the two components, in order to obtain a homogeneous and elegant effect. When choosing, you must also keep in mind to opt for products with a lighter intensity than that of the tiles. By doing so, in addition to ensuring a better appearance, it will also be possible to prevent another problem: the joints tend to darken over the years and by choosing a lighter color it can be remedied.

Therefore, by following these small tricks, it will be possible to make an informed choice and buy grouts with a color suitable for your environments. However, as we have already specified, an important role in the decision must always be played by one's personal tastes.


Taps: how to choose between aesthetics and functionality

Francesco Riccio

When you decide to build or renovate a bathroom or kitchen, you should pay attention to every detail to make the environment truly comfortable. Among the elements to be carefully chosen are the taps, which, in addition to responding to a series of practical and functional needs, must also be aesthetically in line with the rest of the furniture. The question, therefore, arises spontaneously: how to choose the right taps? Let's find out together in this article.


Let's start by saying that there are many types of taps on the market. In the case of kitchen mixers, for example, there are models with pull-out shower, in turn divided into integrated and professional showers. In the first case, the flexible disappears and re-enters the tap, while in the case of professional showers the hand shower works with a spring.

In all other cases, the taps are with knobs, single-lever with single hole or two holes or with telescopic dispensing arm. The latter works on the principle of the antenna. Then there are the touch sensor mixers, which work by touching the body of the tap, and the digital models, which use wireless technology.


Another element to which the utmost attention must be paid is undoubtedly the material, which must guarantee maximum resistance and long life. Generally, the most popular models of taps are made in steel, an excellent material from the point of view of resistance but which is also able to add value from an aesthetic point of view. Furthermore, the models built with this material have the advantage of not becoming opaque over time. However, the price of these types of taps is significantly higher.

The costs are much lower in the case of models made in brass, an effective material that also offers a good degree of resistance. The latter, however, over the years is often subjected to an oxidation process. In addition, brass can have different types of finish, including special color variants, chrome, stainless steel and black and white.

Additional features and technologies

A factor that should not be underestimated when choosing a faucet, whether it is intended for use in the kitchen or in the bathroom, concerns the functionality and additional technologies it is equipped with. Among these, it can be very useful the water saving function, which allows you to consume up to 50% less water and energy. In addition, there are also models equipped with technologies for lasting surface gloss and easy lever control.

Appearance and design

As we have seen, an element to consider when choosing taps is the appearance. The aesthetics, in fact, deserve the same attention as the functional component of the taps. Obviously, in this case, the choice depends a lot on your tastes and the characteristics of your bathroom or kitchen. The important thing is that the tap is in line with the style of the rest of thefurniture.

The same also applies to colors, but in this case other factors should also be considered. In fact, there are some shades that give a greater feeling of cleanliness. Others, on the other hand, allow you to better hide any limescale stains that form over time. There are also colors that are very trendy in recent years, such as blue, red or acid green, to be chosen, however, only if they can be combined.

Warranty and maintenance

The last element to take into consideration is the guarantee. A good product, in fact, it must have been guaranteed for at least two years, as required by law. In any case, however, it is recommended to ensure the product is well maintained, so as to allow it to last over time.

One last tip: check the consistency

There is one last piece of advice to take into consideration to check the quality of the chosen product and that is to check the consistency. Typically, in fact, a low-quality faucet is characterized by a low weight and, consequently, these models have a shorter lifespan.


How to choose the sofa: sizes, colors and comfort

Francesco Riccio

In a living room there are a number of elements that cannot be missing. Among these, there is certainly the sofa. Its spread within the Western world is due to the Ottoman Empire, where it was born la parola “diwan”.

Over time, there has been a profound evolution of this piece of furniture, so much so that today there are numerous models on the market. Precisely for this reason it is not always easy to arrive at a choice and here is why later we will try to provide some basic information for choosing the sofa suitable for your needs.

How to choose the sofa

As already mentioned, they exist some factors that cannot be ignored when choosing a sofa. In particular, here are the main ones:

  • Dimensions;
  • Comfort;
  • Material and resistance;
  • Color and style of furniture;
  • How many people use the sofa.


A first factor to pay attention to is the one related to size. In fact, the sofa is one of the most bulky elements in a home and for those who do not have particularly large areas it is important to optimize space. In general, for small apartments it is better to opt for one two-seater model, which usually have dimensions of 150/180 cm in width and 75/90 cm in depth. On the other hand, those who live in very spacious houses can also refer to three-seater models, characterized by a width of at least 200 cm. Alternatively, a high-class solution could be the sofa with peninsula or corner, but in this case the choice depends on your needs and tastes.


The main purpose of the sofa is to provide maximum comfort after a long day at work. That's why when you are looking for the right model, you must first consider the level of comfort offered. For this purpose, it is better to prefer models equipped with adjustable headrests and footrests. Also preferred are sofas with movable backrest, both in the electric and manual version. Some models also offer other features to ensure greater comfort, but these are associated with a higher cost.

Material and resistance

In addition to being comfortable, the sofa must guarantee a long life. To check the resistance level of a model well, it is necessary to understand what materials it is made up of. Generally, the sofas that offer high performance in this sense are those made of solid wood, but the models in polyurethane foam are equally effective.
Also not to be underestimated the upholstery fabric. Most of the models on the market are in cotton, silk, leather or synthetic fibers. Among these, the fabric that ensures greater resistance is undoubtedly the skin.

The style of furniture and color

The sofa to choose must have a style in line with the rest of the furniture. It is important to combine the various elements together, in order to provide a homogeneous and elegant appearance at the same time. The same thing must also be said with regard to color. Typically, the most popular shade for sofas is gray, but there are many other alternatives. You can address us on models with bright colors, which allow you to provide the rooms with a more lively and cheerful atmosphere. But in these cases it will be more difficult to cover any stains.

For those who prefer a more elegant color can choose models with dark colors, but only if the rooms are already well lit. In recent years, sofas with light colors are also very trendy, ideal for modern style homes, and red sofas, which, however, must be combined well with the rest of the furniture.

How many people use the sofa

Before choosing the sofa, it is advisable to first understand how many people will use it. A couple, for example, can also be comfortable with a two-seater sofa, while a larger family must necessarily address models with more seats. Furthermore, if there are children, you must opt ​​for sofas with removable and washable fabrics, while if you have pets it is advisable to also get a sofa cover.

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