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DSC Marmi



In constant search for the right balance between Natural Materials and Materials Made the MARBLES DSC presents to ARKEDA FIELD LIGHTS and SHADOWS. A mix of natural and artificial colors, finishes high level of craftsmanship, exclusive workmanship, unusual shapes and geometries all impressed by reflections of light, shadows and transparencies.

Designing and implementing interpreting not only the most varied demands of an ever changing market, but also the real needs of individual customers, it is now our primary goal.

The quality control carried out by the purchase of materials, followed at all stages of processing and on every single piece made, making each of our finished product naturally unique.

The DSC MARBLES over the years has invested in the latest equipment and advanced technology and the experience passed down for three generations, the high level of craftsmanship finishes, the variety of the treated materials, and attention to detail is always able to propose new solutions to the inexhaustible source of inspiration for professionals

Since the sintered marble stone - From granite quartz agglomerate - From Travertine marble stone resin -From the stoneware ............... .the matter takes shape!

Third Cross Pablo Neruda 2

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Lapitec® more and more green to ARKEDA 2017 Naples

The sintered stone full body will be one of the leading materials of ARKEDA fair in 2017 in Naples. From 1st to 3rd December at booth Marble DSC (5/505) in the halls of the Overseas Exhibition focus of the producer of XXL plates will all be at the environment, an issue that will also feature one of the conferences organized in the neighborhood exhibition.

Saturday, December 2 In fact, Gino Sartor (of Lapitec Spa Area Manager Italy), will be one of the speakers at the seminar entitled "Back to Nature", Certified by the National Council of Architects, one of the most anticipated events of the exhibition architecture, construction, design and decor.

Will be detailed specifications of Lapitec® related to the theme green, Those that have resulted recently GreenGuard certification, issued by UL environment. The numerous and severe tests on sintered stone samples have attested that the Lapitec® is a material that does not emit pollutants and can be used in sustainable building projects and accepted by worldwide building regulations.

The basis of the product's success is the production process with the use of raw materials such as pure natural mineral, feldspar and kaolin, which makes the Lapitec® 100% natural. During the processing phases are absent synthetic chemical elements such as resins, adhesives or hydrocarbons: it is therefore of a low environmental impact on the ecological process that produces no machining residues.

la Tendamania



As open-minded innovator, The Tendamania Ltd. operates by creating tailor unique and incomparable products in which the thoughts and feelings of world-renowned architects and designers come to life.

Through its team, the company shares solutions with customers, ensuring the uniqueness of the product and the use of outdoor spaces throughout the year.

Synonym of solidity, Pergola BioKlim Top rises from the ground in all its majesty. Then, at the touch of a button, it leaves gently filter the rays of golden sunlight beams, delicate, invade the room.

Pergola BioKlim Top is the flagship product for 2017/2018 and won the hearts of designers and architects because of its unique features:

  • Protection: protects against UV rays, from the bad weather and thanks to the particular conformation of the air and dust from the slats.
  • Insulation: padded panels with PUR insulation from noise and heat
  • Ventilation: In case of extreme heat, the orientation of the panels allows you to enjoy the breeze unafresca
  • Brightness: The rotation of the blades makes it possible to adjust the intensity of sunlight and ledintegrati offer an ecological and economical solution in the evening hours

Pergola BioKlim Top has a modular design that allows you to merge multiple units, to achieve different configurations and to better optimize the available space until they reach a maximum size of 800 cm x 450 cm per unit.
The panels are made of aluminum and the fixings are made of stainless steel, allowing the structure to withstand a load up to 135 kg per square meter, creating a space that can be used with any weather conditions, including snow.

In solid aluminum profile has an integrated drainage and lighting system.

With its clean and essential lines, Pergola BioKlim Top fits perfectly with the architecture of any building type.

Lombardi Joinery


"... we have to live with wood again, rediscover it, interpret it, starting from its spirit, without imitating old forms, which no longer express us." (W. Gropius) A carpentry workshop, a group of artisans with years of experience behind them that shares a great dream: "Re" discover and "RE" interpret craftsmanship in a contemporary key without forgetting the basic elements of tradition. Tradition and technology is the combination that accompanies Lombardi carpentry, a family-run company since 1920.

Here the secrets of knowing how to do crafts together the passion for innovation and for engineering with CADCAM systems becoming authentic furnishings and contemporary flavor. In the middle of processing the "spirit" of the wood that is rediscovered in attention to detail and unique details. Furniture and custom creations, contract for commercial chains, franchises, hotels and interior design made with dedication and professionalism, unique in the simplicity of their elegance. Lombardi carpentry, concrete form your ideas.

Davide Vargas


Eldorado equal Utopia

Eldorado is a fictional country believed rich in gold and precious stones.

Eldorado equal UTOPIA. Same model aim for. But like any tension is important that both


Like the Mount Analogue, it departs just get closer. But if you just want to glimpse the outline then you have to follow a trend in non-Euclidean. The Daumal explorers were traveling on a boat called Impossible.

Architects can go back to being UTOPISTI?

In a time when no one believes they can change the world you may need to redefine the meaning of the word. Besides pragmatism and technology, beyond disillusionment, beyond the irresistible haven of their discipline as the only sign of witness [and welfare], I think instead to a vanguard of UTOPIA absolutely attainable. The belief we can do it refines the tools. It's the old story of the journey: the most important of the trail experience that the achievement of the goal. Along the way it defines the language understood as convergence of differentiated components. This is the real thrust of utopia: a virtually SEARCHBetter still if you reach beyond disciplinary boundaries. Better yet, open, sensitive, original [original]. Therefore: unsettling. Yet concrete to the construction [physics: a place a building] a house of a AMBIENT where to raise the thought in freedom and where every man achieve their human possibilities.

Then the EVE UTOPIA will inevitably find that it has moved ahead.

Davide Vargas

Marc Sadler


French born in Austria, has lived and worked as a designer in France, the United States, Asia and Italy. One of the first graduates "industrial design"ENSAD in Paris with a thesis on plastics, has been a pioneer in experimenting with different materials and contamination between the technologies, which have become distinctive aspects of its business.

At the beginning of the '70s sets the first ski boot in fully recyclable thermoplastic material, subsequently industrialized by Caber. And 'the origin of his specialization in the sports design that led him to work with the most important multinational companies in the world.

La provenienza da un ramo dell’industria dove la ricerca e sperimentazione di nuovi materiali e processi produttivi è diffusa, gli consente di esportare conoscenze in mondi dove è radicato il concetto di design circoscritto alla forma estetica. Progettista eclettico e cittadino del mondo, è oggi consulente di aziende di ogni settore dell’industria.

4-time winner of the Compasso d'Oro (1994, 2001, 2008 and 2014), 1 Honorable Mention (1998) and 2 selections (1994 and 2008) ADI Industrial Design Association, his work has been awarded many times internationally over the years. Its designed for Dainese is in the permanent collection of the MOMA in New York and Mite Foscarini is part of the design collection of the Beaubourg in Paris.



Sikkens News to Arkeda

SIKKENS It strengthens its market leadership by launching a revolutionary new product for interior: ALPHA resistance, The innovative idropittura stain resistant and easy to clean. Its technology shield against stains, Soda splash, juice, coffee, sauces and unwanted marks of pencils and markers or replicas of animals will no longer be a problem.

Alpha Resistance, Whose duration, higher compared to conventional washable paints, and maintains the longer the color thus reducing the application of paint.

Dutch multinational company headquartered in Amsterdam, AkzoNobel is the world leader in the paint and chemical industry and figure among the Global Fortune 500 best companies. Present in Italy since 1958, it operates in the market of products and coating systems for the construction industry through the division Decorative Paints (Deco). In our country, AkzoNobel is among the largest producers of paints and offers a wide range of solutions for interior, exterior, decoration and protection primarily for the professional market.

Another important change in 2017 concerns a new decorative effect, URBAN DECO.
Urban Deco, in particular, is positioned as a decorative material coated waterborne finish, which is inspired by the cement for exclusive industrial chic atmosphere.
It is a new effect in the environment able to confer elegance and sophistication, celebrating the aesthetic value of the imperfection typical of craftsmanship.

FOUR WORKING PROPOSALS, using two products, Alpha Urban Deco Alpha Base and Urban Deco Top:


For Arkeda, it will also feature the color of the year 2018, Heart Wood.

All over the world there is a growing sense of instability. To counter this, now more than ever the human needs of their homes to regain a sense of security, a space that protects it and where you feel at ease and, when necessary, recover energy. The man needs a "welcome home." This is our theme that will determine the palette and color the Color Futures 2018 year we will present a preview during the days of the conference.

For infor and contacts, Marketing Sikkens
Maura Zoppetti
+39 0322 401609
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Roberto Monte


In the form of genesis

Items in gestation. Conche, shelves, lugs, holes.

"The call to the form is a vital need As the nature of the art ", this is the beginning from which part of the project: the ability of the material to be shaped.

In the genesis of the form it is a design work consists of 12 stone-object projects just blanks and all handmade, therefore unique. Born from a strong partnership with local craftsman Alfredo Case and Master in stone processing.

Items for "nutshell", about to be - now basins, now plans holes. deliberately unfinished forms, let in gestation.

Object-self-produced projects including made using methods and techniques that soaziano from done with his own hands in the wisdom of local artisans, from industrially produced using traditional methods with the use of new technologies. The common denominator of the limited series and small production.

Roberto Monte PPROACH planning to self-produced design

The design, the self-production and limited series feature a decisive collections.

In process - not only active but also ideational - artisans and creatives from different personalities - sometimes designers, sometimes artists, actors or performers - which run on a common path of research.

Dialogue with them, open and of course friendship, spurs of relational work accents and active resources that support to grow.

Behind the naturalness of a pleasing shape applied to the project, a history of the study of the processes and materials, experimental and illumination applied to the facets of things.

The objects are kept intentionally to the limit, on a boundary line for a specific purpose that wants to go beyond the functional object and an end in itself ... to guess or foresee a "wholeness" albeit temporary.



Il Sistema Costruttivo Selframes selezionato dall’Osservatorio permanente ADI Index 2017_Categoria MATERIALI PER IL DESIGN E SISTEMI TECNOLOGICI e nominato per il prestigioso premio INTERNATIONAL COMPASSO D’ORO, dalla Mostra Itinerante ADI Index Milano-Roma, approda alla Mostra d’Oltremare di Napoli per partecipare al quinto appuntamento di ARKEDA. Selframes è una startup innovativa che realizza e commercializza il SISTEMA COSTRUTTIVO BREVETTATO in plastica ed alluminio, facile da costruire, personalizzabile e universale per tutte le forme, che variano da una configurazione all’altra esclusivamente per la lunghezza delle aste che concorrono nel giunto. Questo modulo asta-nodo permette agli elementi, completamente indipendenti, di essere personalizzati per colori e finiture in ogni loro parte. La curiosità, la libertà e l’immaginazione entrano nel vivo della ricerca di Selframes che attraverso un processo di Codesign, si allinea ai professionisti del settore, per trovare sempre nuove forme e combinazioni per una soluzione di arredo personalizzata. La possibilità di “costruire e ricostruire” un numero infinito di soluzioni, le diverse angolazioni delle aste nello spazio, le linee semplici, i molteplici colori, la varietà delle geometrie rendono il sistema altamente versatile. Selframes si lascia guidare dalla passione di chi crede nel design Made in Italy, con prodotti che seguono le funzioni che cambiano.



EDRA PRESENTS "PACK" Francesco Binfarè

The sofa is a generous size, with a movable backrest anthropomorphic. The designer, Francesco Binfarè, infuses his creations a great observation skills, insight and poetry: "Now the story and the thing come together, there are no cages way to reveal. Everything became clear, sincere and disarming. This year there is a sofa that looks like a room and a chair that looks. The poetry, the tale, the beauty will offer no justification. "

Il divano è composto da una seduta morbida realizzata in piuma e Gellyfoam che rappresenta una banchisa ghiacciata. La forma è irregolare ma equivalente all’ingombro di un angolo retto come quello composto da un divano a due posti e uno a tre, con un tavolino nel mezzo. Appoggiato sopra, un grande ORSO sdraiato su un fianco che funge da schienale. Le dimensioni sono tre metri e settanta centimetri per due e cinquanta.

It is a contemporary landscape that tells our times of climate change and melting of glaciers, but also human feelings that accompany them: loneliness but also innocence, happiness, unconsciousness and ability to enjoy the little things, like the warm sun on the back of ' bear or the nascent northern lights the night version. It's a domestic landscape exciting.

Il tessuto di PACK è esclusivo, creato solo per questo progetto, come successe con molti altri progetti di Edra. In questo caso, la texture è costruita a somiglianza della banchisa, con la brina e i diversi strati del ghiaccio. L’orso è invece morbido, accogliente, realizzato con una preziosa pelliccia ecologica. È un simbolo di affettività: invita ad abbracciarlo e a lasciarsi coccolare dalla sua morbidezza, suggerendo la metafora dell’orsacchiotto che i bambini abbracciano a letto prima d’addormentarsi. Ha una sagoma zavorrata all’interno e una base rifinita in pelle, così da rimanere fermo sul piano d’appoggio. Esiste in due versioni: giorno e notte, bianco e nero. “L’idea di base è l’eros”, racconta Francesco Binfarè, “perchè l’eros non è solo sessualità. L’eros diurno è solare, è vitalità. L’eros notturno è mistero, sogno, intimità.”

An extremely modern sofa, born today but destined to last: a feature of all Edra products.

A sofa that can be inserted easily in any style because he was conceived keeping in mind that universality of use that is, for Edra, a fundamental principle, applied to all its products.

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