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Amato 1926


Amato1926 interprets luck & DESIGN ARKEDA2018!
Amato1926 realizza da sempre porte per interni e arredi su misura di alto pregio e manifattura esclusivamente italiana. Nel rispetto del suo passato e con l’occhio sempre rivolto al futuro, realizza prodotti unici al mondo, frutto sia delle garanzie che offre la produzione industriale sia della competenza e della cura del dettaglio tipiche dell’artigianato. L’unicità delle porteamato, infatti, è attestata anche dal riconoscimento di brevetti internazionali di design e di invenzione, che premiano l’azienda come prima Start Up Innovativa in Italia nel settore. Brevetti a parte, l’altra grande novità delle porteamato è racchiusa in un breve pensiero della proprietà: “Le porte si scelgono per ogni vano che vanno ad abitare, per ragioni estetiche e funzionali. Adottare porteamato di collezioni differenti, nate per integrarsi tra loro, è un gran vantaggio in termini architettonici e funzionali.”
For ARKEDA2018 the company will celebrate its Neapolitan 'with CORNETTO doors designed by the artist mateAnd SPACCANAPOLI, both inspired by the mood of luck and design, as well as representing innovation and exclusivity of the twin collections JEWEL DESIGN, TWIN TRAIL, plus the brand new TWIN J TRAIL!
Saturday, December 1 at booth amato1926, repeats the traditional appointment with the Beer & TaralucciTime! more info on FB @ amato1926



Ponics is a biotechnology company working in the field dell'agritech: designs and manufactures systems that rely on the use of aquaponics systems that combine the growth of plant species the fish farm.

The Ponics systems are environmentally friendly, intended for hotels, restaurants, offices and private homes who want to enjoy green design solutions with the production of herbs, medicinal, vegetables and MicroGreen, zero km and sustainable, in indoor and outdoor environments.

The modular solutions as furniture

It is green custom design solutions, and designed according to customer requirements, the space available and the context in which they will be placed. The botanical project involves the choice of the most suitable plants depending on the desired customer, location and exposure in the case of outdoor installations.

Ponics 4 business

The line for business is aimed at businesses that want to self-produce vegetables, herbs and MicroGreen for consumption, such as ornamental solution or for completion of marketing strategies.

Chinampas 2.0

This is the technological review of the floating gardens of Aztec civilization: a greenhouse aquaponics then combines fish farming to the cultivation of vegetables, and herbs MicroGreen, equipped with climate control system, operator panel, local user interface and remote lighting LEDs, aimed at hobby farmers, businesses and large boats.



Mirage designs and manufactures for 45 years floors and walls in porcelain making it a great partner for planners, designers and architects in over 160 countries worldwide, supporting the delicate phase of the project and site management.

The solutions designed and distributed by Mirage meet the requirements of each intended use: from airports to shopping centers, via private homes or public places. Coating and flooring are declined in a wide range of products, which meets the technical characteristics of very different surfaces: small sizes, but also ventilated façades and raised floors.

Thanks to a 'ample supply of large slabsThe Mirage program has always the measure and ideal thickness for each specific situation:

The thickness 6 mm large format 120 × 278, 160 × 160 and 160 × 320, offers the right Balance: Avoids the fragility of the lower thicknesses, but remain more light and handy del 9 mm.

The thickness of 9 mm. optimal for Reliable floors even in large format, And of course for coatings. The 120 × 120 is safe in every context, the 120 × 240 is ideal for coatings without cutting and without waste.

The thickness of 12 mm. slabs for interiors, for glued installation, in sizes up to 162 × 324.

The 20mm thickness. slabs for interior and exterior, for dry laying, elevated or even glued for large sheets 120 × 240.

Dsc Marmi


Napoli Show Overseas

Pad 6 Stand 640

Nov. 30 1/2 December 2018

DSC MARMI It presents edition 2018 ARKEDA - with Multimater: An exhibition of stone collection where creativity, innovation and cutting edge technology are the starting concept for an exhibition which aims to create a synergy perfect of natural stones e technical.

new form, new materiale, colors classical and nuance contemporary will be presented at an exhibition dedicated to architecture, design, construction and furnishing to propose new solutions to the inexhaustible source of inspiration for professionals and to meet the many demands of a market in constant evolution.

Solutions They are in opposition to the beauty, exclusivity and the 'uniqueness of natural stones noble as the Marble functionality, and excellent physical and mechanical properties of sintered stones. Turning in a tailoring taking care of the details, following the tradition of craftsmanship handed down for three generations, and advanced equipment is what distinguishes the activities of DSC MARMI.

DSC MARBLES ......... .. the stone takes shape



Jan Ameloot, managing director of Delta Light: "Continuous innovation is an essential part of the corporate philosophy, expressed each year through the launch of new collections. Thanks to our profound ability to design, engineer and prototype completely in-house, we can, moving with speed and accuracy, to put into practice our philosophy of dynamism in the idea-to-market process. "

Delta Light is known worldwide for His architectural lighting and technical systems, used by professionals for small and large-scale projects. This is the reason why we are actively committed to associate our company philosophy in fairs and high-level events around the world as Arkeda: to stay connected and close to architects and designers.

Spare Napoli



A manufacturer of stained synergies where ideas are born, objects and experiences

Made in Naples

After over a year of study and research was born PIECES OF NAPLES, a physical and virtual space search of talents and creative energies to retrieve the memory of beauty and hand-made, value some forgotten crafts and support new project ideas, a showcase and artistic production laboratory.

Spare Napoli is a brand, A business-oriented technology platform and a place of research and study with a vision world wide. Brainchild of Giosy Camardella e Tweety Gallucci with the aim of telling Napoli to a cultured and cosmopolitan audience through fragments of design and craftsmanship, limited edition.
The project aims to recover the memory part of the immense historical, artistic and cultural city through new and contemporary languages. Not only exclusive items that are distinguished by the creative idea and the invoice, but also new editions of classics and new projects to dress the house, the place or person. Collections in which technique and concept come together in items functional and rich in meaning, symbols that connote space, emotions and memory.

A mermaid is the logo of brand, Siren as Partenope, founder of Naples.

SPARE NAPOLI.IT E 'ON LINE FROM OCTOBER he debuted with TWO PIECES CULT Home decor in the collection of the brand: Sunflower e Intallium.

SUNFLOWER is the exclusive edition of the chair designed by Roberto Mango (Naples 1920-2003) in the mid-fifties: Mediterranean, evocative, cultured and refined as it was the architect and designer from Naples.

INTALLIUM is the chaise longue designed by Stefano Mango and covered with creativity from hand drawn fabrics by textile designer Stefania Ricci.

For Arkeda 2018 Spare Naples presents his project and the first pieces of the collection.

Spare Napoli

tel 08119708686 – –

FB pezzidinapoli IG @pezzidinapoli



M2DESIGN this year aims to ARKEDA with a unique furnishing textiles and particular solution with square shapes and modern cuts but at the same time has an elegant charm and contemporary able to integrate seamlessly with all the furniture trends of the moment, it and 'enhanced by careful choice of textile jacquard fabrics with a weave coordinates geometric shapes of solid colors with warm colors and effect, also the insertion points of light give rise to chromatic shades creating a unique atmosphere and striking the realization of this project 'was made possible thanks to the great passion that binds our company to a story and a half century experience, enhanced by a whole craftsmanship and bespoke, making our textile furnishing products in fashion and exclusive.



Paolo Boffi, President Boffi spa, recounts the role of Boffi kitchen-furniture in the international design, from 1934 up to future projects, introducing the world Boffi Group within Arkeda2018. In terms of production, Boffi is characterized by a flexible combination of industry and crafts which aims to achieve the best results in the realization of projects associated processes and production methods, modern to traditional craftsmanship which has its roots, and which has retained those techniques that allow you to enhance the quality of the product makes the collection unique Boffi and anticipatory.

Da sempre, Boffi adotta una strategia integrata di approccio al mercato: alla collaborazione con i designer e alla ricerca dell’eccellenza produttiva si associa una politica di comunicazione tesa a caratterizzare Boffi come un marchio “unico”. L’acquisizione nel 2015 del marchio De Padova, è un importante ulteriore step per creare una piattaforma complementare ed allargata di prodotti che possa dare ancora più opportunità di sviluppo internazionale sia nelle attività di vendita retail sia nei progetti contract. Nel Gennaio 2017 De Padova conclude una partnership con MA/U Studio, start-up danese attiva per l’alto di gamma nei sistemi di scaffalature e tavoli di interni ed uffici. Nel 2018 Boffi torna al Salone del Mobile presso lo stand di De Padova ed apre a Singapore il 25° negozio di proprietà.



The TIMAS Elevators It specializes in design, installation, maintenance of elevators, Platform lifts, dumbwaiters, lifts, car lifts, escalators and since 1998, has been highlighted thanks to significant supplies both in public sphere that in that private, Ensuring high quality of the products and services offered. A wide range of variants allows the customer to customize the system to fit your needs, increasing comfort and aesthetics. One of the strengths of TIMAS Elevators they are Car Lifts / montauto, The most economical solution to transport the cars to the level / basement i / s or higher / s. Designed for various gradients, avoids the construction of the connecting ramp between two levels giving a chance to recover from 50 to 70 square meters by increasing the number of parking spaces: saving the space occupied by the ramp, it is possible to create more parking spaces or derive a garden or a courtyard. Dimensions of customizable platform and flow rate, low power consumption, safety of the car against theft, high level of operational and functional safety. Recommended for long-term parking lots. Suitable for residential units, townhouses, renovations and car dealerships.

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Via Loggia dei Pisani, 13-80133 Naples

Tel: [+39] 081 7640032

Fax: [+39] 081 2451769


D'Oltremare - Naples

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