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Arkeda - architecture and design exhibition and conference - and Noctis S.p.A. - Leader company in the production of beds - with the patronage of ADI Campania and the Order of Architects of Naples announce the National Award "FAREDESIGNHUG2019", to identify new solutions for the headboard of the HUG Collection, a leading product in the Noctis SpA bed collection. The award aims to identify new finishes and new solutions that meet the needs of sleep and / or original ways in the use of elements that can complete it. Those who intend to apply for the Award must submit a project, according to the procedures of the Call, unpublished or not, but always original, which corresponds to the requisites required and is adequate for the judging criteria. Evaluation criteria

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Academy of Fashion


For more than forty years Iuad - Academy of Fashion operates in the field of training in the disciplines of fashion and design.

The teachers of the Academy of Fashion are all professionals, with several years of experience in training, but above all business.

For Arkeda 2019 will be attended by teachers and students of the three-year course in Design and Interior Architecture. The course of study aims to provide students with the skills necessary to develop an interior design project in its various phases: from conception to meta-design and design, up to the control of the effective implementation of the project.

The basic skills acquired at the end of the course are:
- The needs analysis and user behavior, as well as social, cultural, psychological, ergonomic affecting the manner of use of space;
- The development of innovative design solutions, consistent with the different modes of use by users environments;
- The ability to grasp the relationship between the design of the interior spaces and the size of the services that are provided within these spaces, especially for specific types of internal (eg, spaces for culture, exhibition areas and events, spaces for the sale of goods and services, places for dining and entertainment).

tense Telo


Tensotelo by 0618 design and Tecnology

Since the merger of companies with twenty years experience of advanced technology applied to interior, Stretch Ceilings PVC and management of lighting, it was born "0618 Design and Technology". We present this year to Arkeda, animating "Teli Termotesi" with the light management and integration of audio and video systems. Our passion for the playful lightness generation and stunning brightness in stretch ceilings, has led us to create modules



Inkiostro White is emotion, creativity and innovation.

A laboratory of ideas applied to interior design specializing in the production of continuous surfaces, artistic and decorative customizable.
Inkiostro White is able to give a completely new to any space offering original and versatile solutions by defining a new approach to design: innovative creativity available in interior design.

And 'creative thinking that drives our routes allowing the imagination to flow freely, making it unique and unrepeatable every single project with competence and utmost attention to detail.
The inspiration comes from a continuous process of research and contamination of styles, materials and thoughts.

The soul of Inkiostro White is a creative team of professionals stimulated by the passion for beauty that surrounds us, for culture and art. Collaborations with external designers and artists contributing to increasing motion graphics with a unique style creations and strong emotional impact.


We love what we do. It is the passion of our creative personality. We want to infect with our creative thinking, leaving an indelible mark in the eyes and hearts of those who appreciate and choose our creations.



Minikitchen – Joe Colombo

food system that uses a mix of materials, chosen for a sustainable solution. The kitchen is made with a tubular structure of metal and, for the base, includes a series of modules that generate any combination of these compositions with all necessary functions. The property offers two heights; doors made with aluminum frame and complemented in finishing panels; worktops exclusive materials: ceramics, decorated lava, Lasermat; in metal tubular structure soprapiano for hanging ladles, shelves, LED lights; washing area exclusive design in stone; peninsula fixed tables in solid wood, removable or sliding.

This product won the Wallpaper * Design Awards 2015 and the EDIDA 2015 as the Best Kitchen. In 2016 he received the Honorable Mention for the Compasso d'Oro ADI.



I Garden Botanika Vertical they represent a perfect blend of beauty and ecology, they are a simple and wonderful way to accomplish your green projects vertically.

Easily installed both indoors and outdoors with single and double-sided solutions. They guarantee perfect success over time with very low maintenance thanks to the innovative Botanika system with continuous channel where, in contrast to the systems on the market, the plants do not vegetate confined to a fixed space, in pockets of soil or on felt, but have the possibility to increase their root system in adjacent volumes.



MAGMITE srl ad Arkeda 2019

High strength, maximum strength, complete impermeability and exceptional insulating capacity are only four of the many properties that characterize MAGMITE, A highly innovative product obtained from a formulation of granulated quartz which give rise to a compound with unique mechanical qualities superior to any existing material.

We will be present to Arkeda 2019 to present our collection of waterproofing solutions for swimming pools and horizontal and vertical surfaces, also by means of participation in the experimental training workshops that will allow visitors to appreciate, with direct demonstration, the versatility, simplicity of application in single cycle and the physical and mechanical characteristics that make this product unique in its kind.



Samsung Electronics confirms that it has retained the sixth position in the ranking of "Best Global Brands 2019 'by Interbrand with an economic value of 61.1 billion dollars mark - getting an increase in value of 2% compared to last year.

The main factors that contributed to Samsung's success were:

  • Frequent launches of innovative products on the market that can respond to new lifestyles, trends and consumer needs, including: washing machine QuickDrive ™, TV ​​QLED 8K and Galaxy Fold.
  • A strong growth potential based on the forthcoming technological innovations, including 5G, AI, IoT and the automotive industry, making them tangible.
  • The first position globally in the semiconductor memory market and technology leadership in the industry.

Samsung's mobile division has maintained its positive trend thanks to the successful launch of the Galaxy family smartphone. The company also led the market in folding category launching Galaxy Fold and increasingly widespread among consumers your brand story "Do What You Can not".

For 13 consecutive years a leader in the display industry, Samsung has not only provided new visual experiences through QLED 8K / 4K and MicroLED displays, but has also responded to the needs and lifestyles of consumers by introducing the Lifestyle TV line with The Frame. and The Serif. In the appliance sector, it has maintained its leadership position in the premium market for both refrigerators and washing machines, continuing to present cutting-edge products capable of responding to the various demands of consumers, such as the Family Hub ™ connected refrigerator or the Dual Cook Flex ™ oven, the only one with double door.

The company also consolidated its position in the semiconductor memory market this year, initiating mass production of the industry's first 12 GB LPDDR5 mobile DRAM and sixth generation V-NAND, which features the first single design. -stack from 100+ industry layers. Additionally, Samsung has consistently invested in R&D and expanded manufacturing facilities in the system semiconductor market.

Samsung's market leadership and its constant investments in technological innovation are some of the elements that have contributed to this year's success. The Company has focused on expanding its product ecosystem through strategic partnerships, as well as investments in start-ups that have given rise to new business opportunities in various sectors, including the automotive industry.

"We are thrilled that our continued commitment to developing innovative technologies that meet consumers has been recognized," said YH Lee, Global CMO of Samsung Electronics "In order to grow further as a brand, we will continue to listen and learn from our customers, as well as to drive societal change through innovation, so that we can all grow together. "

As a world leader in technology, Samsung uses innovation and technological advancement to continually transform the face of electronics. Over the past 40 years he has applied this innovative trend to air conditioning. With exceptional design and advanced performance, the solutions offered by Samsung are revolutionizing the world of air conditioning. Specializing in cooling, heating, domestic hot water, ventilation and smart building solutions, Samsung provides solutions with the latest generation of digital connectivity; it also offers ongoing training, technical support and unique distribution activities. Samsung solutions adapt to different types of contexts, residential such as homes or hospitals, commercial such as offices or shops. Samsung was the first to introduce WiFi technology integrated into the air conditioner and on the wave of innovation, in 2017 Samsung launched a new revolutionary technology, WindFree, capable of eliminating the classic direct air jet, replacing it with a homogeneous diffusion of the air through thousands of micro-holes arranged on the surface of the air conditioner.



The manual component is an essential feature of our company, as well as care and originality in the details and innovation and research in the treatment of surfaces. Our stylistic exercise is to bring the "design" on the product surface and not only in its form: that is what makes the product unique and different.

For us, the true tradition of Made in Italy is to create products dominated tradition, it passed down for three generations now, and originality.

And 'This is therefore an opportunity to extend our collection and present a new family of products in line with our "mood" that balances manual skills and creative imagination, but above all in loving detail and be able to project into the future.

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