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My Wrapping 2020


My Wrapping

To WRAP: WRAP - My Wrapping s.r.l., Endorsed 3M, will present the way of wrapping: films for solar energy control: 70% of energy rejected; safety films: shatterproof glass; decorative films for windows: over 300 finishes; material films for restyling: over 1,300 finishes; films for boat & car wrapping: free your imagination, films for printing & graphics the limit is your imagination; last but not least: Smart films, intelligent liquid crystal films: they dissolve in a thousandth of a second, from opaque to transparent.

Estel 2020



A reserved and flexible space that interrupts the repetitiveness of the workstations in open space to create work “oases” with a domestic flavor. This is how Estel interprets the evolution of work, favoring communication, privacy and acoustic comfort

Collaborative Room it is a modular product, available in thirteen different dimensional categories: thanks to a walkable surface from 1 square meters up to 15 square meters, it can accommodate a maximum of 12 people.

Depending on the needs, it is possible to accessorize the interior space with different furnishing solutions from the Estel range such as tables, chairs, armchairs and video-meeting stations.

Iris 2020



A material so innovative that it breaks down the boundaries between surfaces for architecture and furniture.

Strength plus lightness, huge sizes and thin thickness: to make floors, walls, furnishings and finishes. Not just surfaces.

MaxFine offers a very rich variety of material effects, to always find the right inspiration, without compromise.

Each material is a prototype of beauty: marble, onyx, metal, stone, concrete.

Five new materials are added to enrich the already wide range of MaxFine:

Calacatta Grey;

Delicate statuary;

Aosta Green Marble;

Persia Green;

Connemarble Irish.

Hebanon 2020


At Arkeda 2020 the story of the future is born in a kitchen hebanok:

man and space find harmony in a new line that enhances your time thanks to the perfect balance between aesthetics and multi-functionality.

In the kitchen Hebanon Fratelli Basile - 1830, ancestral and sensual, solid wood embraces the technological innovation of silver ions for a kitchen that is always clean and sanitized.

The new living collections through forms inspired by Nature, lead us to heavenly, serene and familiar places, where we can free ourselves from the complexity of the world.

Choose your refuge in a Hebanon home.

Effezeta System 2020


Synchropliss is the exclusive mosquito net with simultaneous movement of the two doors patented by Effezeta System. Modern and elegant, pleated net, small footprint and double door. The innovative drive system allows, with a single gesture, the opening and closing of the two doors by acting on only one of them. Particularly suitable for large rooms (up to 6 meters in width and 3 meters in height) especially for windows with a sliding system with a fixed door. Fully customizable in the color of aluminum and mesh, it adapts to any environment.

Bosch 2020



That's why choose it now.

Take advantage of the eco-bonuses and choose BOSCH products which guarantee maximum energy efficiency while respecting the environment.

Offering you a single solution for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water.

Bulthaup 2020


Bulthaup starts where machines can't go beyond

Bulthaup is famous all over the world for its interior architecture in the world of kitchens. Making use of professional and competent partners such as Bulthaup Naples - Spazio Materiae - the German company has always set itself the fundamental objective of offering its customers a unique environment, unparalleled from a qualitative point of view. The system Bulthaup b3, the suspended kitchen, opens the possibility to freedom of creation and revolves around the idea of ​​the multifunctional wall, a connecting element between the kitchen and the living area. Bulthaup b1 is the minimalist kitchen, characterized by sober and essential lines, while with Bulthaup b2 the company redefines the original kitchen-laboratory through a work station, flanked by a storage station and a station for appliances. The independent furnishing elements Bulthaup b Solitaire are reflected in the passion and values ​​that have characterized Bulthaup for decades and are the result of the symbiosis between traditional manufacturing and perfect design. Freely positioned and accessible at 360 degrees, they are created to make room for small and large ideas.

It's 2020


Third consecutive presence BIVA System marry the project ARKEDA; designing and innovating are the foundation for a better product, the articles will be presented in new and even more preforming guises, our main topic will be the primary and secondary node of the window, combined with the latest news on solar shading and window opening, all today it has become an even more sensitive subject to amplify the performance of any type of window and door or the entire home.

Actual 2020


Actual Windows

All-glass design, Sliding elements.

Because each window is not the same as the other. There Current technology of Ansfelden (Upper Austria) was awarded the to red, per innovation and quality, for the first time a window was awarded the renowned international recognition Red dot design award.

Structure ideal, combination perfect. With his wide range of products, actual is able to satisfy the individual tastes, harmoniously combining pvc-aluminum or wood-aluminum windows in a single building project.

Alwood and Alevo, a look at the new generation of windows. The new, revolutionary design squared and cubic for windows monobloc, without edges, glazing beads and joints, coplanar inside and outside.

Tonelli Design 2020


Tonelli Design

Tonelli Design adds a fundamental piece to its growth path by announcing the new artistic direction together with an important expansion of the catalog.

The 2020 collection consists of ten pieces, some of which are reinterpretations of important long sellers that are today presented with a highly topical and contemporary material recipe.

For the first time, a line of lamps is introduced which in their simplicity and modularity express the company's ability to interpret the passage of time.

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