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HP Plotter



With your work you give life to new ideas and communicate brand values ​​around the world. Over the years, you've helped us become one of the world's best-known brands in the printing industry. For this, now we want to tell you even more. Discover with us the outstanding quality of HP DesignJet large format printers.

This innovation is the starting point of a long collaboration with architects, planners, designers and creatives, which continues today.

360 Energy



360 ENERGIA presents a careful selection of electric heating solutions among the most innovative, advanced and design on the market, enhancing the 100% Made in Italy production

Aesthetics and technology have been combined in new generation products, with great attention to energy saving and intelligent management of consumption.

The electrification process of consumption, an essential element in the ongoing energy transition process, represents an opportunity to be seized and exploited but which requires expertise and knowledge of the most suitable systems for each application.

360 Energia, your specialized partner in the world of electric heating

Liu Jo Living



Made-to-measure living is born from the creative vision of Liu Jo. Craftsmanship, versatility, style and sustainability come together to enter the world of the home and transform furniture.
The house dresses and changes to meet all the needs of everyday life, breaking away from the classic nomenclature and running on elegant lines, delicate finishes, soft fabrics and customizable colours. No longer 'just' sofas, poufs or armchairs, but designs with a strong identity, free, modular and with removable covers, with irregular and fresh shapes that revolutionize the environment.




It, with patent n. 0001428501, is the only Italian company specialized in the extrusion of PVC profiles with an aluminum structure. ( )

This system ensures that the profile of the INNOVA PVC/A series is born already stabilized, because the PVC is melted directly onto the structural aluminum profile on which the hinges and movement components are mounted, guaranteeing solidity and stability over time without the need registrations.

Even more important is the ecological aspect, for which we use strictly Italian raw materials free from toxic and harmful to health components.

Furthermore, it is with pride that we send the CAM certificate attached, which certifies how we have moved towards a circular economy, making sure to reuse around 10% of the plastic materials produced, thus allowing us to contribute to the protection of our. planet.

The pantograph



We have been operating in the wood sector for about 20 years with dedication and passion, always keeping the fire of curiosity and experimentation alive. Today, thanks to the experience acquired and cutting-edge technologies, we have created the most particular models of milled panels for our customers. Squared, wavy, rounded, fourteen decorations with an exclusive and contemporary design, for every taste and need, take shape on the precious solid wood of toulipier, ash, oak and walnut to embellish the most refined and elegant interiors.




Goss is the official Italian distributor Carlisle CM EUROPE of Systems of EPDM waterproofing guaranteed to last over time. Our commitment is to make you discover the advantages of this cutting-edge material that it offers: quality, ease of installation and greater adaptation to changing climatic conditions. Our waterproofings are suitable for flat roofs, terraces, green roofs, foundations, earth walls, balconies, basins, bio-pools and bio-lakes. Being made of eco-sustainable and non-toxic materials, these membranes can be disposed of while safeguarding the environment.

Alfa Marmi



Alfa Marmi has been on the market for almost 50 years and represents a reference point for the sector for the production of works for any private and / or commercial environment for any intended use.

Alfa marmi is a traditional company, based on the solid and rooted principles of a family that sees all its members involved in carrying out business and production activities.




GROHE Blue Pure is a domestic filtration system, consisting of a 2in1 tap and filter, which supplies mixed running water and natural filtered water at room temperature from the same tap. The space required for product installation is only that of the filter cartridge and does not require electrical sockets. Available in three models, also with pull-out shower and in chrome and satin finish. You can choose between different filtration technologies: 5-phase filter, which improves the taste of the water, reduces impurities and limescale; activated carbon filter, suitable for water of low hardness, which improves the taste; Magnesium + Zinc filter which, in addition to the advantages of the 5-phase filter, enriches the water with magnesium and zinc.

Kitchen brands



Marchi Cucine is an Italian company specialized since 1976 in the production of modular wooden kitchens and furnishing accessories.

The company is an avant-garde industrial structure that has managed to keep its artisan soul intact: the value of each collection, which is entirely produced in the factory, is ensured by the care that skilled workers put into all stages of processing.

Arkeda will be the ideal stage to present Convivium, from the new Philosophy collection, and to introduce the public to a new facet of the Marchi Cucine world.

B&B System



B&B Systems of Bisignano Nicola & C. provides all typologies of materials and semi-finished products for the realization of illuminated signs, poster designer and a wide range of products for visual communication at the point of sale and for the organization of corporate events.

Dal 1998
in the plastics sector B&B Systems represents the ideal partner for all entrepreneurial realities that want to grow and innovate. The development of new technologies and the use of cutting-edge materials are two fundamental principles for the company.

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