There are times when it is essential to take a position, where the motto: HERE and NOW seems to be postponed. And if this need involves the whole world of culture and more voices simultaneously incite the mind to take a stand for all those who hold the cul- tural tools to do so, it means that the company needs them.

A rapidly changing society can not be guided by men of power who have neither the stature nor the culture to such a demanding role, while many great people they stand aloof without being either co-opted or heard.

These people could be our lights, our towers, which scan the horizon and to which we could entrust with confidence to guide them well, towards a welfare a new social harmony and environmental required, without blowing the thousands of years of history that they have brought us this far.

The architecture and design, which we know architects, but also medicine, law, ethics, literature, are always changing, but the use that power makes us not con- wins more. The culture can guide us and we need TOWERS ARE THERE!
HERE AND NOW is the time to take a stand, to be recognized, exposing themselves, and put their knowledge to the service of the world.

Professional bodies can become a guide associations for society, like the Uni- versity, where best to devote themselves to the public good and not to be used by a power that considers them only figures or screens behind which their own interests.

Arch. Roberto Cappelli