The draft Rossana, K-IN / K-OUT takes possession of new spaces: no compromise, proposing a design worthy of the most sophisticated interiors, even going further, perpetuating it with the same aesthetic criteria also outdoors, but "by dressing" of high performance and quality materials, that ensure the durability even in outdoor conditions.

The worktops move thanks to electrical mechanisms designed for use in the nautical field, the materials of floors and doors, as well as the hardware, were selected according to their strength and suitability for outdoor exposure. A concept that develops around an island, a true functional art piece, to be enjoyed in purity in outdoor or contamination with other systems in the internal range, while remaining always the protagonist of the space, be it a garden, a terrace or a living room that faces you.

Unique design that defies physics for his daring geometries, for two different use situations: this is the big news that K-IN / OUT K-introduced in the market with major findings of international operators.


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