Samsung Electronics confirms that it has retained the sixth position in the ranking of "Best Global Brands 2019 'by Interbrand with an economic value of 61.1 billion dollars mark - getting an increase in value of 2% compared to last year.

The main factors that contributed to Samsung's success were:

  • Frequent launches of innovative products on the market that can respond to new lifestyles, trends and consumer needs, including: washing machine QuickDrive ™, TV ​​QLED 8K and Galaxy Fold.
  • A strong growth potential based on the forthcoming technological innovations, including 5G, AI, IoT and the automotive industry, making them tangible.
  • The first position globally in the semiconductor memory market and technology leadership in the industry.

Samsung's mobile division has maintained its positive trend thanks to the successful launch of the Galaxy family smartphone. The company also led the market in folding category launching Galaxy Fold and increasingly widespread among consumers your brand story "Do What You Can not".

For 13 consecutive years a leader in the display industry, Samsung has not only provided new visual experiences through QLED 8K / 4K and MicroLED displays, but has also responded to the needs and lifestyles of consumers by introducing the Lifestyle TV line with The Frame. and The Serif. In the appliance sector, it has maintained its leadership position in the premium market for both refrigerators and washing machines, continuing to present cutting-edge products capable of responding to the various demands of consumers, such as the Family Hub ™ connected refrigerator or the Dual Cook Flex ™ oven, the only one with double door.

The company also consolidated its position in the semiconductor memory market this year, initiating mass production of the industry's first 12 GB LPDDR5 mobile DRAM and sixth generation V-NAND, which features the first single design. -stack from 100+ industry layers. Additionally, Samsung has consistently invested in R&D and expanded manufacturing facilities in the system semiconductor market.

Samsung's market leadership and its constant investments in technological innovation are some of the elements that have contributed to this year's success. The Company has focused on expanding its product ecosystem through strategic partnerships, as well as investments in start-ups that have given rise to new business opportunities in various sectors, including the automotive industry.

"We are thrilled that our continued commitment to developing innovative technologies that meet consumers has been recognized," said YH Lee, Global CMO of Samsung Electronics "In order to grow further as a brand, we will continue to listen and learn from our customers, as well as to drive societal change through innovation, so that we can all grow together. "

As a world leader in technology, Samsung uses innovation and technological advancement to continually transform the face of electronics. Over the past 40 years he has applied this innovative trend to air conditioning. With exceptional design and advanced performance, the solutions offered by Samsung are revolutionizing the world of air conditioning. Specializing in cooling, heating, domestic hot water, ventilation and smart building solutions, Samsung provides solutions with the latest generation of digital connectivity; it also offers ongoing training, technical support and unique distribution activities. Samsung solutions adapt to different types of contexts, residential such as homes or hospitals, commercial such as offices or shops. Samsung was the first to introduce WiFi technology integrated into the air conditioner and on the wave of innovation, in 2017 Samsung launched a new revolutionary technology, WindFree, capable of eliminating the classic direct air jet, replacing it with a homogeneous diffusion of the air through thousands of micro-holes arranged on the surface of the air conditioner.


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