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How-to-choose-wallpaper-and-how-to-lay it

Wallpaper: how to choose it and how to lay it

Francesco Riccio

Wallpaper can be a very original tool for covering the walls of the room. However, there are different types of paper on the market, each of which is characterized by different factors. That is why in this article we will try to provide a series of useful information that can be used when making a choice. Finally, we will also see how to lay the wallpaper.

How to choose wallpaper

A first element to pay attention to when choosing wallpaper is the dominant color in the environment. In these cases it is necessary to support the prevailing tone, while instead in the case in which the room is made up of neutral colors it can be useful locate an original card, such as those very shiny or with a fabric effect. In this regard, it is necessary to specify which are the different types of paper available. Here are some of them:

  • Nonwoven washable wallpaper: made of textile fibers such as silk or tone, this type of paper is very economical and resistant to both water and high temperatures. In addition to being very easy to apply and wash, it has the advantage of allowing the walls to breathe and preventing the formation of mold;
  • Vinyl wallpaper: made up of two layers of vinyl and TNT respectively, the vinyl wallpaper guarantees a long life, as well as being totally odorless. In addition, it is easily washable with water and neutral soap and can be applied and removed very easily. However, the main advantage of this type of paper is the aesthetic one: its application, in fact, allows it to provide a totally new face to the entire environment;
  • Carta da parati 3D: innovative and futuristic, this model, in addition to providing a totally new look to the environment, also makes it more spacious. The effect obtained from its application is truly original and allows you to enhance the entire apartment. Particularly effective are the models that offer optical effects, ideal for the most modern homes.
  • "Natural" wallpaper: this type of paper is certainly one of the most popular in recent years, also thanks to the growing attention to nature. It is an unprecedented but also very elegant solution.

When choosing the wallpaper, the quality of the material must also be taken into consideration, especially if it is to be applied in particular areas such as the bathroom. The last element to be evaluated concerns the reason, which can be of different types. In particular, on the market you can find both models with horizontal designs, which allow you to expand the spaces of the room, and those with vertical designs, which allow you to make the ceiling higher. In addition, there are also more original motifs, such as those in black and white, perfect for modern-style apartments, and jungle ones, to be combined especially with parquet environments.

How to lay wallpaper

Having ascertained the factors to be evaluated when choosing the wallpaper, we now need to understand how to lay it on the walls. This operation varies according to the type of paper and glue used. In general, a first step is to take the measurements, in order to understand how many rolls to get. After that, you have to proceed by carrying out the grouting of the wall, unless the wall is new. In the latter case, it may be useful to apply a further coat of glue. Precisely with regard to the glue, some factors must be carefully evaluated during the choice, such as the lack of toxic or polluting substances.

At this point, you can proceed with the application of the wallpaper. To get a more precise result, it can be useful to cut it into sheets and start the application from the edges. Then, you have to apply the glue on the paper and glue it with a plumb line, being careful not to create bubbles or irregularities. To do this, you need to get a roller as well. Finally, the strips must be placed next to each other, making sure to match the patterns.


4 design elements that cannot be missing in your home

Francesco Riccio

Furnishing a home means paying attention to every little detail. On the other hand, this is the environment in which you will spend most of your life and it is essential to make it as comfortable as possible. About that, It is very important to place design elements in the various rooms that allow you to customize your home. That is why in this article we will try to provide some design ideas that cannot be missing in your home.

Ceiling plants

Let's start with the first design element, that is the ceiling plants. This is a very popular solution in recent years, thanks also to the increase in sensitivity towards the environment. Inserting elements that refer to sustainability is a great way not only to give a green touch to your home, but also to obtain numerous benefits from a psychological point of view: to have plant ceiling in your apartment allows you to reduce stress and increase your self-esteem.

Furthermore, plants purify the air and reduce noise, thanks to the fact that they are sound absorbing. But where to insert the ceiling plants? One room where they could be particularly effective is the bedroom, but in reality they can easily fit into any other room.

Coffee tables and carpets

Among the furnishing elements that cannot be missing inside a house, there are also tables and carpets. These are two components that, in addition to being very useful, if positioned in the right way, can make the difference in an environment. There are many models of coffee tables on the market to choose from. To get a good result you need to opt for a coffee table that has adequate dimensions and proportionate to the sofa. At the same time, the shape and style must be adapted to the rest of the furniture. The same goes for colors and materials as well.
As for the rugs, however, the choice is much freer. You just need a lot of creativity to choose the model that best suits your tastes.

Space for books

The bookcase is a design element chosen by many people to make their home truly unique. Obviously, the choice must be made on the basis of the characteristics of the apartment. For example, for particularly large living rooms, you can also use an equipped wall made up of a large bookcase. Conversely, for those who do not have a lot of space, they can opt for one frestanding bookcase, models that can be inserted in any environment without being too bulky.

As for the materials, also in this case the choice is very wide and varies according to the house. For those who want to create contemporary and modern environments, they can turn to metal models, while those who prefer the vintage style can choose a bookcase made of wood.

Technological appliances

Today, the production of technological objects is based not only on the goal of ensuring maximum functionality and efficiency, but also on the aim of making the object a real design element. This is the case not only of devices for daily use, such as the smartphone, for example, but also of latest generation appliances. There are many on the market, many of which are truly innovative. Precisely the latter are perfect to be used inside the home as design elements.

The right chair for your dining room: how to disentangle colors, models and materials

Francesco Riccio

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in a home. That's why when furnishing it you need to pay attention to a series of factors, taking care of everything down to the smallest detail. A fundamental element of this part of the house is represented by the chairs, which, in addition to providing maximum comfort, they must also be resistant and in line with the rest of the furniture.

In this article we will try to understand what are the main factors to consider when choosing a dining room chair.

Dimensions and height

The size of the chair is one of the first factors to consider during the purchase. In this regard, it is good first of all measure the size of the dining room and understand what distance there is between the various elements. Doing so will avoid buying models that are too small or too large for the size of the room.

The height must then be checked, which must also be measured taking into account the armrests. to understand what the right height is, you need to take the table as a reference point. Generally, the height of this element varies between 70 cm and 80 cm. In these cases it is advisable to choose models of chairs capable of ensure a distance between the lower edge and the seat of more than 30 cm.


Evaluating the quality of the materials used to make the chair is essential to ensure a good product. The models on the market are built with various materials, each of which has different characteristics. It may also happen that the different components of the chair have been made with several materials. The most used are wood and steel, which ensure a wide resistance and a long life. For the backrests, however, metal, plastic and padded materials are also often used to be covered in fabric or leather.

There are also models with less common materials, such as wicker, such as bamboo or rattan, and recyclable materials.

Clearly, the materials must also and above all be chosen depending on the style of furniture. The models in leather or with chromed structures, for example, are suitable for modern environments, where it is also possible to apply chairs made of transparent plastic. Conversely, for dining rooms with a more classic style it is better to focus on wood, a material capable of combining practicality and elegance.

While they may seem like an effective solution, fabric or upholstered chairs should be avoided. In fact, even though they are refined materials, capable of increasing the aesthetic value of your home, however, you must take into account the difficulty during cleaning. One of the factors to consider inherent in the material must be the ease of cleaning, especially for those who do not have enough time to devote themselves to the care of the house. From this point of view, models made of plastic or wood are therefore to be preferred.


As we have already mentioned at the beginning, one of the most important elements to pay attention to when choosing the chair is comfort. On the other hand, it is an object where you can spend a good portion of your time, so it is important to make sure that it is as functional as possible. For this purpose, it is advisable to focus on padded models with a high back, in order to safeguard the health of your back. Furthermore, it is necessary to check the presence of the armrests, which can be very useful in terms of convenience. However, models with armrests are also bulkier, so they are only advantageous if you have enough space.


A final aspect that should not be underestimated is the design and aesthetic aspect of the chair. Obviously, in this case personal tastes play a fundamental role. However, it is still necessary to combine the chair with the rest of thefurniture. Therefore, in a modern home it is better to focus on minimal models and, while in the more classic rooms it is necessary to opt for models with traditional shapes.

Which plants lend themselves perfectly to decorating the interior

Francesco Riccio

Furnishing the interiors of an apartment with plants is now a very widespread trend, especially among the youngest. On the other hand, the benefits of installing a plant in a house are so many. In particular, in addition to purifying the air, several scientific studies have shown that plants promote concentration in study and work, improve mood and self-esteem and they also have excellent acoustic insulating properties. At the same time, the spread of this fashion is also justified by the fact that plants now represent a real piece of furniture. In fact, putting this element in the right place gives you the opportunity to give your home a completely new look. But how to arrange the plants in an apartment? And above all, which are the most effective ones for decorating the interiors? Let's find out together.

How to arrange plants in an apartment?

Once you have chosen the plants that best suit your aesthetic needs, you need to understand where to apply them. In fact, design experts provide numerous tips on where to place plants, in order to optimize spaces and at the same time increase their aesthetic value. A first question to ask is: to furnish the whole house with plants or just some spaces? The choice is between a “jungle effect” furniture or a simpler and more discreet one. To answer this question you must first take into consideration the size of your home. Obviously, filling a small apartment with plants can be a counterproductive choice and the disadvantages risk being more than the advantages.

Another factor to pay attention to is then the brightness of the rooms and their exposure to the sun, essential to ensure good plant health. In addition, the humidity of the rooms and the presence of radiators must also be taken into consideration, which must be at a safe distance from the plants.

The best houseplants

So let's see what are the main plants to be included in an apartment, starting from kenzia, which belongs to the palm family. It is a plant that, in addition to not requiring particular care, is able to provide an exotic look to your home.
A good solution could be the Sansevieria, better known by the name of "mother-in-law's tongue". Again, complex care does not need to be guaranteed. However, the plant in question has a particular shape, consisting of very long lanceolate leaves and in addition it can also stretch over a meter. This is why those with limited space must focus on other options.

The senecio rowleyanus it is a plant with thin branching stems that have the shape of a pearl necklace. For this reason, the plant is called "necklace". In addition to ensuring good exposure to the sun, remember not to water it excessively, especially in winter.

The last solution is represented by the calathea, a family within which there are 150 species of plants with different shapes and characteristics. They are particularly suitable for the interior of an apartment, as they have a very elegant appearance. Furthermore, growing them is really simple.

Furnish the terrace with plants

Decorating a terrace with plants deserves a separate discussion. This may be the ideal choice for those who do not have large spaces in their apartment. In fact, gods can be created small vegetable gardens on the balcony, surrounded by grates to be built on the wall for the support of climbing plants. Alternatively, you can furnish the terrace with succulent plants, which do not need to be moved in the colder months of the year, as some species, such as aloe or cactus, are very resistant to cold.

Which plants to put in front of the house?

We close our article on plants to put in front of your home. This is a very important element, as a good decoration at the entrance represents a great business card for guests. Among the possible choices there are the aforementioned kenzia, but small trees can also work, such as olive or orange trees. Alternatively, planters or shelves with seedlings can also be a good solution.


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