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Gift ideas for design lovers

Gianmarco Maiolini

Christmas is upon us and the streets of the cities are often full of people looking for last minute gifts to give. If you have ended up in this guide, you probably need gift ideas too and you don't feel like having to make your way through the crowd of crazed people running from one store to another.
If you are a design lover and want to give yourself a gift, or if you have been negligent and have not yet bought Christmas gifts and the recipient is a furniture lover, here are some gift ideas that may come in handy.

Their Nintendo

More suitable for a child or even an adult passionate about technology, video games and design, Nintendo Labo was awarded by Times magazine as part of the best inventions of 2018. It is a hybrid between a video game, since it requires the Nintendo Switch console and a game analogue, needing to assemble the parts with special cardboard models.
Extremely creative and aesthetically pleasing, it will entice your children or the children of your friends.
Secretly, if you are curious, you too can play it, no one will judge you.

Voice assistants

Although in recent times they have been recording a significant drop in sales, for a technology enthusiast, the voice assistant can be a whim, a curiosity to get rid of. In this regard, in addition to the usual "Alexa, play a song" or "Alexa, what's the weather like today", counting on a little more investment, with a view to domestic design, you can also think of installing smart devices connected to the Internet that allow you to turn off, for example, the lights in the house with the clapping of your hands.

Design storage

You can give your architect, engineer, creative friend a storage box that contains pens, pencils, erasers, tools, with an unconventional shape, perhaps with curved lines, which can embellish the office and give a more marked personalization to the working environment

Portable aroma diffuser

The Muji company has produced a very graceful line of aroma diffusers in terms of design, extremely small, light and easy to handle, to be placed anywhere, at home or in the office, with rechargeable batteries that last for eight hours. No threads, with replaceable felt pads and no need to add water.

Thermal bottle

If the recipient of the gift is a person who cares about the environment and the consumption of plastic, a mandatory gift is that of a water bottle or a drink holder, even better if insulated from a thermal point of view, which are objects now present in every office, which beautify the environment and allow you to always have the necessary amount of water with you without further contributing to the pollution of the planet with disposable plastic. Convenient, economical, useful and sustainable.

New generation coffee machine

There are now many types of coffee machines, with pods, with capsules and of many brands. Also based on the tastes of those who will receive the gift, choose the machine that best suits their needs. A minimal, small one that takes up little space but embellishes the home could be an excellent idea, also useful and certainly welcome.

The important thing is the thought of doing something nice to someone we love, not how much money we spent. These ideas that we have proposed are ideas to use as you wish, to try to amaze and please those you want to give a gift.


How to choose the sofa: sizes, colors and comfort

Francesco Riccio

In a living room there are a number of elements that cannot be missing. Among these, there is certainly the sofa. Its spread within the Western world is due to the Ottoman Empire, where it was born la parola “diwan”.

Over time, there has been a profound evolution of this piece of furniture, so much so that today there are numerous models on the market. Precisely for this reason it is not always easy to arrive at a choice and here is why later we will try to provide some basic information for choosing the sofa suitable for your needs.

How to choose the sofa

As already mentioned, they exist some factors that cannot be ignored when choosing a sofa. In particular, here are the main ones:

  • Dimensions;
  • Comfort;
  • Material and resistance;
  • Color and style of furniture;
  • How many people use the sofa.


A first factor to pay attention to is the one related to size. In fact, the sofa is one of the most bulky elements in a home and for those who do not have particularly large areas it is important to optimize space. In general, for small apartments it is better to opt for one two-seater model, which usually have dimensions of 150/180 cm in width and 75/90 cm in depth. On the other hand, those who live in very spacious houses can also refer to three-seater models, characterized by a width of at least 200 cm. Alternatively, a high-class solution could be the sofa with peninsula or corner, but in this case the choice depends on your needs and tastes.


The main purpose of the sofa is to provide maximum comfort after a long day at work. That's why when you are looking for the right model, you must first consider the level of comfort offered. For this purpose, it is better to prefer models equipped with adjustable headrests and footrests. Also preferred are sofas with movable backrest, both in the electric and manual version. Some models also offer other features to ensure greater comfort, but these are associated with a higher cost.

Material and resistance

In addition to being comfortable, the sofa must guarantee a long life. To check the resistance level of a model well, it is necessary to understand what materials it is made up of. Generally, the sofas that offer high performance in this sense are those made of solid wood, but the models in polyurethane foam are equally effective.
Also not to be underestimated the upholstery fabric. Most of the models on the market are in cotton, silk, leather or synthetic fibers. Among these, the fabric that ensures greater resistance is undoubtedly the skin.

The style of furniture and color

The sofa to choose must have a style in line with the rest of the furniture. It is important to combine the various elements together, in order to provide a homogeneous and elegant appearance at the same time. The same thing must also be said with regard to color. Typically, the most popular shade for sofas is gray, but there are many other alternatives. You can address us on models with bright colors, which allow you to provide the rooms with a more lively and cheerful atmosphere. But in these cases it will be more difficult to cover any stains.

For those who prefer a more elegant color can choose models with dark colors, but only if the rooms are already well lit. In recent years, sofas with light colors are also very trendy, ideal for modern style homes, and red sofas, which, however, must be combined well with the rest of the furniture.

How many people use the sofa

Before choosing the sofa, it is advisable to first understand how many people will use it. A couple, for example, can also be comfortable with a two-seater sofa, while a larger family must necessarily address models with more seats. Furthermore, if there are children, you must opt ​​for sofas with removable and washable fabrics, while if you have pets it is advisable to also get a sofa cover.


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