Expensive energy: how to save at home

Francesco Riccio

Recent rises in utility bills are forcing many families to take measures to save. In fact, there are many ways to reduce energy costs and do not require particular sacrifices.

In this article we will try to understand what are the main ways to save at home.

How to save with appliances

Let's start with household appliances, which represent a particularly high source of consumption in a home. However, if you can use them in the right way, you can save a lot. For example regarding the washing machine, it can be a good solution to always use it when it is fully loaded and with temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees, perhaps with the eco program. Equally important is also constantly checking the real consumption of the appliance.

To get savings you should use it right too the dryer and dishwasher. In the first case, it may be a good idea to place items that have already been centrifuged in the dryer inside the appliance, in order to eliminate excess water. Furthermore, it is advisable to start the appliance only when the basket is full. In the case of the dishwasher, on the other hand, it is essential to use the eco program or, at most, a normal program but with lower temperatures. It can also be useful to eliminate the drying part.

One of the most energy-intensive appliances in a home is undoubtedly the refrigerator. Even in this case, however, there are a number of methods to reduce consumption. In particular, it is advisable to always ensure good maintenance to the appliance, in order to ensure good operation. Therefore, it is also good practice to carry out regular defrosting. Another good habit is not to insert hot food and to leave it open for a long period of time. Furthermore, if the refrigerator model is too old, it is convenient, from an energy point of view, to replace it.

You can also save on air conditioning, for example by setting a temperature below 6 degrees compared to that of the external environment, and also on the oven, avoiding buying particularly large models, since in this case it takes more time and more energy to heat them. Better to address models with dimensions equal to 60 cm in width. In addition, it is also necessary to provide constant cleaning of the appliance.

Save on light with low consumption light bulbs

One of the effective ways to save on your electricity bill is to purchase low-consumption light bulbs. On the market, however, there are different types: there are for example those a led, which offer high performance in terms of duration and consumption. Moreover, they are also quite cheap, unlike the smart ones which however offer very low consumption and wide functionalities.

There are also the halogen bulbs, which however have a higher consumption than those listed above.

How to save on gas

In addition to electricity, in recent months we have also been witnessing a sharp increase in the cost of gas. To cope with the price increases, a good solution is to install a condensing boiler, which, especially if combined with radiant panels, allows to obtain a saving of 30%. It may also be useful to replace older fixtures, in such a way as to optimize the heat inside the environment to make the use of radiators less necessary. In particular, it can be very advantageous to choose PVC windows, which ensure a high level of thermal insulation.

Finally, the heat pumps, through which it is possible to extract heat from a natural source and put it back inside the home. By doing so, energy savings of up to 70% can be achieved.

Save gas in the kitchen

Again to save gas, it may be appropriate to adopt a series of precautions in the kitchen. For example, a good habit is to use gods lids for both boiling water and cooking. Equally useful can be the use of a pressure cooker, in order to reduce not only consumption but also cooking times.

Finally, it may be useful to adopt a series of measures to save on hot water: for example, one solution is to obtain heat pump water heater or a gas water heater.