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ARKEDA 2012 - 2018: 6 years of work in an in-depth path on the criticism of Architecture and Design, on technological innovation, on the research of materials that led us to explore the works of the great masters, to deepen the importance and centrality of the project, to research utopia and decline the Vitruvian Triad.

YEAR 2019: ARKEDA arrives at the practice of Knowing how to do, chooses to regain possession of the material dimension of mental speculation, in order to then be able to start from more aware bases and go towards new speculative goals. We will bring to the field the experience of technicians, craftsmen and researchers, their practical knowledge. Starting from the bases that Arkeda has built in these 6 years with 457 speakers and 240 hours of debates, we will transform the meetings into in-depth workshops on the construction and application techniques of products and new technologies.

NEW WORKSHOPS DO KNOW they are divided into four thematic areas that date back to the 4 primary elements of the universe: Air, Water, Earth and Fire from which everything originates. The Four Laboratories will lead the architects on a journey through the 4 elements to discover the products that derive from each of them.

Prologue: knowing how to do means building, operating, transforming, working.

Fire: the architecture of temperatures, sources and heating, light, sources of lighting
Aria: outdoor thermodynamic air conditioning
water: wellness spaces, swimming pools, kitchen earth shaping the earth, the materials of
Terra: marble, wood, transformations

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