The TIMAS Elevators It specializes in design, installation, maintenance of elevators, Platform lifts, dumbwaiters, lifts, car lifts, escalators and since 1998, has been highlighted thanks to significant supplies both in public sphere that in that private, Ensuring high quality of the products and services offered. A wide range of variants allows the customer to customize the system to fit your needs, increasing comfort and aesthetics. One of the strengths of TIMAS Elevators they are Car Lifts / montauto, The most economical solution to transport the cars to the level / basement i / s or higher / s. Designed for various gradients, avoids the construction of the connecting ramp between two levels giving a chance to recover from 50 to 70 square meters by increasing the number of parking spaces: saving the space occupied by the ramp, it is possible to create more parking spaces or derive a garden or a courtyard. Dimensions of customizable platform and flow rate, low power consumption, safety of the car against theft, high level of operational and functional safety. Recommended for long-term parking lots. Suitable for residential units, townhouses, renovations and car dealerships.


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