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CHAKRA innovation takes shape.

The philosophy of CHAKRA is well summarized nell'evocativo claim "The Inner Sound" inspired by the Buddhist religion that refers to the ability to create an "inner sound" balanced opposed to the external noise of the world.
Create harmony and well being in the workplace and open space in any public environment is in fact the main objective of CHAKRA.

CHAKRA is a modular system architecture to interior provided in a kit that allows you to create, in a simple and fast, custom privacy oasis. CHAKRA is a new type of prefabricated partition, covered by 5 patents; self-supporting and technologically evolved, requiring no ceiling or floor anchors.

CHAKRA delimits areas of confidentiality and ensures ideal conditions of comfort noise in any collective environment and in every condition: the external noise does not prevent the concentration therein; animated meetings in do not disturb the peace of the external environment.

CHAKRA utilizza un sistema di assemblaggio brevettato che assicura semplicità e velocità nel montaggio e flessibilità per successivi spostamenti, ampliamenti o modifiche della configurazione. Grazie a CHAKRA ogni indifferenziato e rumoroso open space può essere trasformato, velocemente e facilmente, in un ambiente articolato e acusticamente perfetto. La modularità e la versatilità di CHAKRA permettono suddivisioni flessibili che offrono livelli di privacy “su misura” adeguati alle diverse modalità di lavoro, necessità e tipologie di incontro.

With this new product line UNIVERSAL SELECTA S.p.A., a company founded in 1971, it renews its dynamism and attention to the evolution of the office space and beyond. In fact it is a system of many applications such as hotels, libraries, airport transit areas, hospitals, shopping centers ...


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